Is a holographic TV really coming? BBC exposure prototype test

With the continuous application of holographic technology, many people are looking forward to the emergence of holographic television. The holographic TV is not just conceived. At present, some people have begun to try. According to a report in the British "Daily Mail" on September 23, the BBC has recently conducted a prototype test of holographic technology, which proves that this technology is really feasible and that it is very likely to bring about complete reform of television sets.

The holographic TV is organized only by a thin display screen and pyramidal acrylic material, and the mirror effect of the glass pyramid allows the image to "float" in mid-air. Currently, researchers have been able to use the device to display the BBC Logo, rotating Earth and running dinosaurs.

The BBC said that it will further speed up research and development and bring people's dream holographic televisions to reality as soon as possible. After all, Star Wars has picked up how many people are hoping for holographic television. Of course, the development of television forms often depends on the development of the corresponding content. Holographic films or television programs believe that it is more difficult than 4K to produce and disseminate. At present, 4K content is still in the popular period. Therefore, for the dream of holographic TV, we still need to continue to do so.

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