OSRAM may be listed on the independent market in 2013, optimistic about the Chinese market

A few days ago, Osram CEO and Chairman of the Board Wolfgang said that OSRAM will be separated from Siemens and listed separately in early 2013.

According to reports, OSRAM has six production sites in China, two LED solid-state lighting (SSL) design centers, two sales offices and approximately 12,000 employees. The new plant in Wuxi will create more than 1,500 jobs in the later stages. The products cover the entire value chain from components to solutions, and China is now regarded as the third largest domestic market after Germany and the United States.

Although several well-known LED companies in China are bankrupt, the profits of listed companies are falling, government subsidies are about to expire, and a number of enterprises have fallen, but Wolfgang is still optimistic about the Chinese market. He believes that the industry is at a turning point in the golden age.

Studies have shown that the global lighting market total transaction volume will increase from around 80 billion euros in 2011 to more than 110 billion euros in 2020. Among them, the growth of the Chinese market is particularly strong. According to the above research, the general lighting market in China will grow at an annual rate of 8% between 2010 and 2020, which will be twice the growth rate of the global market. In China, the transition of LED will also become the main growth driver. The LED market share in 2010 is 9%, and the market share is expected to increase to around 60% by 2020.

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