TV common sense daily new knowledge: how to measure TV screen dead pixels

With the development of the technology of liquid crystal screen manufacturing, the display effect of the liquid crystal screen has been greatly improved, but the phenomenon of dead pixels and bright spots on the liquid crystal screen is still difficult to avoid. So when we buy LCD TVs, LCD monitors, etc., how should we check if the LCD screen has a bad point? The following small series will be like a brief introduction to some methods to detect the dead pixels of the LCD screen.

How to detect dead pixels:

LCD screen highlights

After purchasing the LCD TV, be sure to check if the LCD TV is bad before confirming the receipt. It can be tested with special test discs, such as "AVIA", "HiviCast", "DigitalVideoEssentials", etc., available at general audio and video stores.

Or connect the TV to the laptop, and then display the monochrome background of pure black, pure white or pure red, pure green, and pure blue in full screen. Check carefully whether there are black, white, and different colored light points in the solid color. If there is, it means that the LCD TV has a bad point and should reject the goods.

If you don't have a computer link, you can make 5 kinds of solid color DVDs or 5 large solid color pictures in USB and test them by DVD. If the above method is not feasible for you, you can also connect to the cable TV directly, and use a certain picture in the TV program to detect it through the static image function of the TV.

A method for detecting and determining the highlights and general dead pixels of a liquid crystal television screen:

The common problem with dead pixels is that the color is not controlled, only solid colors such as black and white are displayed, and images cannot be formed according to the dark changes in the control.

Highlights: The bright spot is also a kind of bad point. This means that only one or two of the three liquid crystal cells of the corresponding pixel have failed. Then, on a black background, one of red, green and blue is displayed. Pixels; or points that should be red, green, and blue are white, which can be judged as bright spots, and also a kind of bad points.

Common Bad Points: A pixel that appears to be pure black or pure white in any color background is a bad point. This may be caused by a failure of the three liquid crystal cell drive tubes of the corresponding pixels.

Friendly reminder: Some businesses have a certain number of points for the LCD TV's bad point. Some merchants generally stipulate that 3-8 bad points are not returned. Therefore, consumers must explain with the merchant before buying. If the screen has a bad point, it can be returned for processing to avoid disputes.

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