Pre-sale of over 150,000 PPTV TVs with two new products 9.28

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In order to celebrate the good results of this pre-sale, and even more to the next sales rush to buy activities, PPTV and Suning launched a number of preferential activities. First of all, users who have participated in pre-sale are given priority to buy at 11 am on September 28th. The top 1,000 users of each product will receive a 199 yuan worth of PPTV Bluetooth air mouse remote control, which can be used as a remote control. The device can also be used as a wireless mouse, and is a mouse that is off the desktop, so that it can enjoy intelligent control of television. Secondly, all consumers who participate in the purchase will receive a 120-yuan TV shopping voucher for Suning, which will allow you to enjoy the pleasure of shopping on the big screen. Finally, the day before the next single day to receive the goods, the top ten users of the evaluation of the sun single can also receive Suning Tesco double cloud drill.

Online shopping on PPTV TV Suning, after purchasing PPTV TV, you can continue to enjoy the fun of big screen online shopping on smart TV, PPTV TV built-in Suning Tesco TV client, unlike other online shopping forms, TV big screen shopping can realize the whole family to discuss together Choosing household daily-use consumer goods and bulk items will enable you to enjoy the afternoon tea in your living room. The easy-to-use PPOS operating system also enables the elderly and children to purchase goods online.

In response to the home shopping environment, Suning's E-Commerce also offers special offers for home-use products such as home appliances, daily-use department stores, and overseas purchases. At present, Suning E-Commerce has provided 120 yuan/set of shopping coupons for users of PPOS systems. , Users who purchased PPTV-55T and 43P can already use these coupons to try to enjoy TV shopping.

The new PPTV TV not only provides you with an intelligent experience for big screen shopping, but its rich content resources are beyond doubt. In the first half of this year, PPTV announced that it will increase the purchase of movie copyrights on the television side. With more than 100,000 episodes of TV drama rights that have been accumulated before, PPTV TV has already accumulated one of the highest quality HD video content in the industry. All will be updated to PPTV TV. Together with PPTV's broadcast of the next five years of La Liga resources, including CBA, AFC Champions League, Bundesliga, Champions League and other event resources, as well as 24-hour uninterrupted mass video recommendations, PPTV TV products are becoming the industry's most demandable content One of the products.

In addition to the procurement of video content, with the support of Suning, PPTV Juli will also invest heavily in promoting the production and production of high-definition content, and grow to the largest 4K-level content service provider in the industry at the fastest speed. Up to now, self-produced dramas, sports O2O programs, and tourism-side programs have all been prepared for PPTV TV-end products. The reorganization of well-known online novels such as Confucius Institute and Nasuo Kee has achieved brilliant results at the PPTV Juli network client. The “Running China” competition developed around the depth of running sports is not only popular among domestic runners because of its professionalism and fun, but also the After Party and many home-made content created by the competition have become PPTV's focus on making life-style home-made content. As a model, the gift of a large-scale tourism reality show, Luyu, which has been jointly invested with Hainan Tourism TV, will definitely provide a good reference for family travel plans.

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