3 years stay, detailed experience and lessons in 89m2 decoration

This house was renovated in March 2013 and completed in September. It basically depends on its own design and a small half-pack. In line with the provincial and provincial philosophy, the budget was well controlled. A total of 160,000 were spent on the decoration team (small and a half) 35,000, 60,000 hard-mounted, 20,000 for furniture, 35,000 for electrical appliances, and 10,000 for soft installations. In Zhang Aunt mixed for many years, online shopping as much as possible can save a lot of costs! From the actual use of more than three years, in addition to one broken spotlight and one of the study's fluorescent lights broken, other online shopping products did not have any major quality problems, which is also due to my many years of online shopping experience. Some online shopping inconvenient things (such as what ceramic tiles) need to buy the basic store is also the regular brand specials, so the overall cost control is very good.

I was a decoration rookie three years ago just interested in the decoration only, home, after all, is their own place to stay only their best know what they need, online looking for a free company to decorate the company's contact feel down, not good, good In your own work, you will use AUTOCAD to create a simple floor plan. Therefore, it is up to you to design your own (mainly to save money). As the saying goes, if you decide to design yourself, you must act quickly. Therefore, you spend a lot of time online visiting the decoration forum, looking for a lot of beautiful decoration plans to find your favorite style, learning from others' decoration. Lessons learned to avoid detours.

The house was outside the outer ring of Shanghai's Pudong. It bought 16,000 square meters in 2012, and it is now more than 50,000 yuan per square meter. Since it was a developer's newly built commercial housing, the best 89 square meter room type (North and South Permeating + Quanming) was selected at the time, so the room type did not need much change. The concept of self-design is light decoration, heavy decoration, storage must be enough, to be properly left blank, design to consider the future of cleaning and maintenance, because he is a lazy, a simple sentence as simple as possible!

Developer's Room Map

Drawings drawn by myself are contrary to the south and the north. -

Since it was the first time his own design, the size of the floor plan paper was not too large to grasp the size of the furniture. Therefore, Baidu used a variety of simple 3D software at that time. According to the experience of users, they chose to use sweet home 3d. Free software. The software is still very simple, through self-study for 1 day plus collection of 3D models, drawing 2 days to turn my floor plan into a 3D view, but also change a variety of perspectives, rookie easy to use, very recommended!

software interface

2D drawing of yourself

Generated 3D map

Generated 3D map

By looking at the 3D chart, it is very intuitive, how much the bed is bought, how much the sofa is bought, how much the table is bought, and whether the movement line is reasonable. At the same time, there will be no big mistakes in the size of the furniture. The software can also change people's point of view, let you move in 3D space very intuitive, next look at the next few before and after the decoration effect chart. The pictures are basically made with Huawei's glory 6plus mobile phone than the professional camera, everyone make do with it.

For Tmall, personal roots like Taobao, because Taobao has a mechanism for poor evaluation, and general store services do better. Most of my items are bought by Taobao, but due to the relatively large liquidity of Taobao, many of the stores or products that were used three years ago have already become ineffective, and some of the bosses have also been replaced. Therefore, I hereby declare that the link in the card is for the display of the item only, and the commentary on the item is limited to the state of purchase at the time.

This chair is a copy of the home (the original version is too expensive to afford), was a treasure of 300 (including shipping), received items will feel good packaging, after all, a price for a goods, use the present There are no problems with the chairs.

There are also items that can be put inside the shoe bench, which is very practical.

The lighting of the restaurant bought in 299 was silver reflective when it was not turned on, which was very consistent with the simple style of my house. Now it looks like it's gone. Is it out of print?

Original design of different glass frame effect sketches

Entrance Cabinet

Perfectly blocking people on the couch

The porch cabinet was originally designed and the flowered countertop was intended to be made of marble, but it was not formed due to process and time. The door was equipped with an electronic doorbell, and the effect was good. The 270 yuan was bought in 2013. Now it is still an upgraded version. At present, due to the screen line being pressed for a long time in the middle of the door and the doorbell, it is often in poor contact. Relax the line.

Open kitchen and sideboard

Sideboard design drawing

Because homes don't burn much fumes, an open kitchen was set up and space for future sliding doors was reserved. The whole cabinet was looking for a company that specializes in cabinets in Shanghai (local people should have heard of it). A total of 5,900 yuan was spent. In addition to the 800 yuan spent on upgrading the countertops for anti-fouling quartz stones (it looks like the white countertops are easy to dirty Fortunately, it can be brushed away), others have used the basic package (the part of the following initial version of the drawings to be added are changed, mainly those who do not need to turn up the door and package water heater).

Life is a small coup: A layer of plastic wrap is attached to the tile at the fumes to absorb the oil and protect the tiles. The effect is very good once a year!

In 2013, the owner bought a range hood and hob (the old model is now gone) and sent a set of knives and Haier Kitchen Po for $3,580. At that time, the price was very high. Buying the entry model is not the same as the panel and the switch, the motor filter is the same, the price is a lot cheaper. The boss's installation service was good. After one year, he also reserved a free home cleaning service. Not only didn't the money also send a lot of cleaning things, it seems that the selling point is justified.

The water heater was bought by Linnei gas water heater RUS-11FEK(F). At that time, the 2700 LCD screen was relatively large and the temperature could be quickly adjusted (bath and dishwashing). Some of the components were claimed to be imported, and a lot of installation spare parts were also purchased. (Triangle valve, smoke tube or something) This installation can spend a lot of money, because the installation is free to rely on selling accessories to make money.

The pre-filter is Honeywell, which is usually cleared once a year (mainly lazy). Direct drinking water is Haier's HRO5003-5, because the internal price is only 1,500 yuan. The one-way valve was damaged once during use. In fact, it was not known at the time of the warranty that the water fee had doubled in a month. Therefore, the water purifier was not used. After a year and want to use a careful study of the next to find the reason, because the warranty costs 60 yuan (site fee of 50 yuan) is now a little worried about the quality of Haier, but the service is still a good telephone booking, the next day Just went to the door.

The only regret at that time was that I didn't know that there was a sewer processor. I had to clean the water outlet every year. If I use it for a long time, the water will slow down. Fortunately, I bought the Olin sink water quick-connect interface. It is more convenient to install (this model is now off the shelf) and can be disassembled by hand.

Disinfection cabinet is Canbo ZTP108E-11ER,

It took only 1680 yuan to buy it once and it was never used before. It would be nice to change it to an oven or a dishwasher. Now it has become a qualified tableware storage cabinet.

Rice cooker is Pentium (POVOS) FN394 rice cooker 3L, 179 yuan to buy the current down with good. Microwave oven is Galanz G80F20CN2L-B8 (R0), 479 yuan to buy it like the mirror.

Refrigerator is Haier BCD-308W, the advantage of the two-door is to put more, air-cooled frost-free key can be posted refrigerator, my wife every go to a place like to collect local refrigerator. Can you see where you have been?

There is also a Philips electric steamer is also good, what steamed bread on a Saturday morning, and steamed meat and fish at night!

The lighting of the kitchen I use two 10W LED lights (to prevent one in case of a broken lamp but also lighting), but also installed a fan is too hot when cooking hot, the results of the decoration when the wrong position , Too close to the stove to blow off the flames. Later, my parents' house was decorated on the toilet, and the summer effect was particularly good! Unfortunately, my home was not installed at the time. It was a big regret!

Last year, the double 11 wife had more than 500 in 2 Corning pots. The 1L pot burned a small soup for two in the winter or burned some tea in the afternoon. 3.25 liters were used as a casserole, and the warmth performance was almost to be required. The wife said that the key is to have a high face value and it is good to cook.

At this point, the basic introduction of the kitchen is complete. To sum up, there are four major regrets in using it for three years. 1) No garbage processor is installed. (No one would have installed this three years ago) 2) The non-return valve was not installed so that it smelled from the public flues to my house. There is time to find someone to help transform! 3) The disinfecting cabinet bought a bit of waste, this space can be left to the oven or dishwasher (not so popular three years ago). 4) Tiles bought two pieces of color bricks at the time. The result is not the same color difference as the fire, we should pay attention afterwards.

Next I introduce my northern balcony (working balcony): The location is right next to the dining room and the kitchen, so I placed the dishwasher and washing machine there. I also installed lift hangers and a hand-washing pool. This space is very practical. You can wash your hands in the laundry and wash your shoes.

Washing machine is a Siemens WD12H360TI store to buy, then 5500 yuan with drying function, the main fear of Shanghai Huang Mei days quit dry, the results are not used in the past 3 years is not a functional waste?

Dishwasher was bought in September 2016 for $2,499. It was mainly to read Aunt Zhang's various drying orders that had been waiting for the opportunity to start. The actual use effect was still quite good, so that I was no longer afraid to wash dishes, and the washing machine supplies Aunt Zhang. There are also frequent recommendations here. Washing machine shelves are for the dishwasher to draw a custom drawing 250 yuan a treasure custom, although due to the height of the master to shake it a little shake, but the strength is enough who will not shake it, beautiful appearance, cost-effective, highly recommended!

The extension hanger was installed by a merchant in the same city in search of a certain treasure. It took no problem for three years.

A treasure of 480 yuan to buy a small hand-washing pool, mainly used to brush shoes and inverted mopping water, leading I chose to buy 170 yuan retractable model, so that the water will be dragging the ground will be very convenient, there are two ways of water Adjustment, worth recommending! Since the time has passed three years, many babies have expired, and everyone can search for similar faucets on their own.

Because the dishwasher is post-installed, a treasure purchases two out of the water and drain ports, so you only need to buy a tow line to install. Into the water to buy Siemens dedicated no problem, the drainage of the washing machine pipe was cut off fear of bad access to the Y-type water pipes and leakage of the selected insurance program, in fact, the next test can be installed. The disadvantage of the insurance scheme is that the pipe is not sealed and the pipe is stuffed into the floor drain drain pipe every time the laundry is washed. If it is too shallow, the washing machine has a large amount of water and is easily drained from the above space. If it is plugged, the dishwasher drains the pipe space. It's too small. Fortunately, it's a washing machine once a week. When you're free, you can change it again. (I don't know how long it takes to be lazy.)

The following describes the design of the next study and the platform. This design refers to my neighbor. Once found in the fence decoration forum, I did not expect to live in the same building. My favorite is his study design. Based on his own requirements, I have also improved a version of the program. I would like to thank my neighbors here.

Neighbor's single floor

The original is a gift area of ​​sky garden

The double platform I designed doubles the storage capacity!

Lighting due to the height of the platform, the use of thin lamps, energy-saving lamps broken once, a treasure to buy a root to change it is very easy.

The experience of using the platform is that the storage capacity is super strong, the study room is connected to the living room, and the design of high and low heights makes the space have a layered feeling. It is my favorite place! The lesson is not to use fir boards, as the fir boards are easily deformed due to wet weather and temperature changes! Chairs should be fixed, not slide, or too unsafe. There is no problem with the following. The monitor was bought in early 2015 and has a three-year warranty on AOC. The monitor is a bit low and can't adjust the height. The chair is the same. Therefore, the monitor bracket is put in place. The keyboard and mouse are placed inside. The desktop is much cleaner. The computer neck is more comfortable for a long time under highly suitable conditions. It is highly recommended. ! (I didn't know this stuff before, I used to make it up)

Seeing the study from this perspective

The current living room usage: watch TV, watch movies on the Internet, sing karaoke, play video games, and buy furniture are red apple in the store (table + TV stand + rack = 3,940 yuan) Quality and service are very good ( 8 This brand, which was bought before the renovation, introduces some living room appliances purchased by the way.

First of all, the TV was bought at jd on October 1st, 2013. At that time, it was able to look at the built-in smart system on wifi. It was very convenient to watch movies on the Internet. At that time, there was no Xiaomi box, a Lynx box, and two HMDI interfaces. Can insert the U disk to see the film, the domestic brand at that time the price is not bad, but unfortunately at the time the pylons sent can not be moved and change the angle, so watching the television angle in the study to see the relationship is not clear.

Later, my wife proposed to karaoke at home and asked me to buy a karaoke speaker that would satisfy my wife’s request. I would also like to watch movies when the effect is better, because both of them have low requirements for sound quality. So I locked in the brand's entry money. Eventually, the price of 879 yuan before October 1, 2014 started the home theater below. The effect of using it is much better than TV, especially the bass effect of watching movies is obvious. K song can also adjust the reverb effect, the only regret is that there is only one microphone input interface.

Before the K song is the notebook computer HMDI to connect the TV to put the image and song sound, the microphone to the home theater to release the vocals. Later, as the built-in TV software upgrades became larger and larger and the built-in Android system was basically unusable, a small box of mini-mills was purchased in 2015. This is more convenient for watching movies. K songs do not need laptops either. Direct millet small boxes can replace computers. However, for more than a year, the space in the small box has become smaller and smaller, and it has been useless to delete the cache. A bunch of other junk files occupy space, so in July 2016, 399 yuan bought a new generation of Millet (MI) millet box 3 [enhanced version], this space is big enough, loading equipment! Handily installed a few previous red and white machines and arcade games, back to Italy for a good childhood, salted fish 56 yuan to start a pair of millet matching handle, play Super Mario, circus and round table knight.

Before Xiaomi’s small box died, he became a living horse medical doctor. After Shuangqing’s death, he actually revived. The lost space was returned. It was placed in the bedroom so as not to be used. Later, my wife thought that a microphone from K Song was not happy and couldn't sing with two people. Then I used the 40 coupons for 254 yuan to buy the following Bluetooth microphones through Zhang Aunt’s breaking news (looks like I was the first time I broke the news). Measured within two meters of good reception, far away from the general transmission effect, the advantage of this product is the rich interface can be Bluetooth, so that my millet put the film directly to it, it passed on to my home theater, hey, now see the film through Sound effects are better. In the past, it was necessary to input laptop audio to home theater to hear the sound effects. Mobile phone karaoke can also be played directly by Bluetooth, that is, far away from someone else's room will be some cards, it is estimated that the Bluetooth distance is not enough, there is time under study basically no Bluetooth song.

When the air conditioner is not in use in the summer, the remote control fan is used. It looks like it is not selling now.

Fabric sofa is purchased from a physical store for 2,860 yuan, and air-conditioners (a total of three) are also purchased in physical stores, washing machines, and refrigerators. Why did you not choose central air-conditioning? Because units and relatives don't have good feedback at home. Generally, after 3-5 years, the pipeline will have common shocks or abnormal noises. Some problems cannot be repaired if they are not repaired. All removed, I thought of decisively selected single air conditioner!

The reason why this Haier desktop air conditioner had a trip occurred is unknown. Therefore, the manufacturer's special plug was changed, otherwise the power supply was burned without warranty. I used to buy a bull three-eye plug to plug it in, it seems that the money can not save ah!

Special plug

The main light bought Op lighting MX6464 (now can not find), three brightness adjustments, if one lamp is broken, at least the other can still be bright! It is very necessary to have spare plans for future object damage during the renovation!

Next, you need to launch a small home-grown talent that you bought last year: Sweeping robots! 850 yuan into the Cobos (Ecovacs) Devil Mirror S.

This is basically a stupid entry-level model, but after leaving home, it is still very labor-saving. Is to pay attention to furniture not to let it be stuck on the furniture or wires, this model is automatically charging a little silly, when people look at it sometimes 10 times to flush the power do not know why, noise is still a bit, anyway Every weekend when I was away from home, I let him breathe. (If you smoke every day, you need to clean the vacuum box every day. The battery will be scrapped every day.) When you get home, it's basically finished working and fully charged.

As a Chinese grammar with a score of only 60 points, it took eight hours to write the text off and on to the limit. If everyone is interested, then I will write a bathroom + master bedroom (mini cloakroom) + second bedroom. (My second study) + How to control the decoration shopping experience with cost control. At that time, it took a lot of time to study hydropower and outlet layout. If you have the opportunity, you can also tell us how to choose the air switch and how to arrange the water pipes. If everybody has any questions about this article, I will try my best to answer it. I also hope that everyone will support and reward them.

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