Experts put forward 5 suggestions for semiconductor lighting

With the rapid advancement of technology in the past two years and the continuous promotion of people in the industry, semiconductor lighting has set off a boom in the world, and is now rapidly advancing into the field of traditional lighting (especially in the fields of street lamps, tunnel lights, landscape lights, etc.). In another lighting market - home lighting, LED is also accelerating penetration. At present, there are many home LED lighting products in foreign markets, such as: Sharp and Toshiba have respectively introduced 7.5W and 6.9W LED lights, Panasonic NEC and OSRAM also launched their respective products. It is expected that in the next 3-5 years, LED lights for home lighting will enter a "warring era of the warlords." However, it is regrettable that the relevant enterprises in China are still slow in this aspect and have not yet launched their own products. As a fast-growing industry, the initial slowdown will definitely affect its future development path.

In order to promote the rapid and healthy development of LEDs for home lighting in China, the following suggestions are proposed for the development of China's related enterprises and the semiconductor lighting industry at home and abroad:

1. Strengthen basic research

In China's current home lighting, traditional light source incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps still occupy a dominant position, especially in the rural market, incandescent lamps account for more than 80%. As a new type of lighting source, LED lamps are still little known. Even products that have been sold in foreign countries are only conceptual propaganda products to a certain extent. I believe that any industry insider agrees that it is unrealistic to open this market quickly; on the other hand, this time is also a good time to conduct basic research. Relevant enterprises should strengthen the basic research of their own products on the basis of reference to foreign product design, and thoroughly discuss basic issues such as chip, packaging and heat dissipation, and prepare as soon as possible. In this way, we can accumulate and become invincible in the future competition.

2. Change the design concept

In the specific design of the luminaire, the LED lighting for home lighting is different from the street lamp, and does not encounter the problems of exposure, rain, snow, windy weather and large temperature difference that the latter often encounters. Therefore, it is not necessary to follow the design of the street lamp. Environmental requirements to design home LED lights. In the design process of household lamps, there must be some sacrifices at the same time. In addition, in the chip selected for the lamp, it is not necessary to use high-power chips for the purpose of pursuing high brightness and manufacturing convenience. Considering the cost of the lamp and the like, the low-power chip may be a better choice, and the low-power chip is selected. The final heat dissipation design of the lamp will be simpler.

3. Increase localization rate

At present, China's low-power chip manufacturing technology is very mature. After the authors calculate, in the case of all domestically-made accessories, the single-chip high-power LED light source manufactured by the patch can be as low as 0.018 yuan/lm. It is close to the cost performance of fluorescent lamps; and in order to maintain the reliability and efficiency of the light source, the cost of a single LED light source packaged with imported accessories is about 0.05 yuan/lm, which is 2.8 times that of the former. From the above comparison, it can be seen that the use of domestic accessories will greatly reduce the price of the final product at the expense of a small part of the performance.

4. Strengthen brand building and standard construction

In terms of brand building, relevant enterprises in China should fully learn from Japanese companies. At the beginning of the market for household LED lights, enterprises should quickly seize the opportunity to launch their own “good quality and low price” products as soon as possible, and at the same time strengthen publicity work and form a brand effect as soon as possible, so that the brand of this enterprise is deeply rooted in the future. On the other hand, enterprises should pay close attention to standard formulation, including enterprise standards, industry standards, and national standards, in order to seize the commanding heights of the future market, and create sufficient conditions for winning in the mixed market. .

5. Combine national development plans and strive for government subsidies for products. Some high-power chips have been developed and put into use. In addition, silica gel, phosphors, and brackets have mature products, and some products even exceed imported products. The most important thing is that although there are still some gaps in the individual indicators of chips, silicone and other imported products, the prices of these domestic accessories, including chips, are far lower than the prices of imported products. Compared with imported products, the cost performance of domestic products has obvious advantages. Therefore, the use of domestic accessories to manufacture household LED lamps will be very competitive in terms of price compared with foreign products.

As an important industry in China to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, semiconductor lighting has been strongly supported by relevant state departments. In October 2009, the National Development and Reform Commission and other six departments issued the "Semiconductor Lighting Energy-Saving Industry Development Opinion" pointed out: "Selecting relatively mature semiconductor lighting products in the fields of roads, industrial and mining enterprises, commercial buildings and households, and incorporating financial subsidies when conditions are ripe. Support scope". The author believes that relevant companies should combine the content of opinions and seek financial subsidies as soon as possible to further reduce the purchase price of consumers.

With the continuous advancement of semiconductor technology, the home lighting market will inevitably appear to compete with the two strong fluorescent lamps and LED lights. With the continuous improvement of LED cost performance, it will gradually move toward people's daily life. Chinese enterprises should combine national policies and focus on the long-term. While striving to launch products as soon as possible, we should formulate future development plans for products as soon as possible. The country’s competition is neutral and invincible.

Author: Institute of Nanjing University of source material Ricci Zhang Haibo

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