How do those supermarket lighting designs cause your desire to buy?

The modern lighting of supermarkets can be said to be in keeping with merchandising technology. Because the right lighting can make the product more attractive, increase the customer's desire to buy goods. There are basically three types of lights used in supermarkets, namely basic lighting, secondary lighting and atmospheric lighting.

Basic light

This is the basic lighting that belongs to the store. On the outside, the lighting used for window lighting, the light on the outer edge of the store that illuminates the sidewalk, and the lighting on the ceiling; in the interior, the basic lights and safety channel marking lights.

The basic lighting can be fluorescent, incandescent or led lights, or it can be direct or indirect lighting, depending on the type of store, the products displayed and the goods being sold, such as the light that the bakery needs to indirectly illuminate, emphasizing Pastel and brown tones of bread and various pastries.

Secondary light

The secondary lighting has the function of making certain special performances of the goods that the basic lighting cannot. The secondary lighting can be used for spotlights and floodlights, mainly to enhance the window lighting, so that shelves, containers and goods are brighter and attract customers' attention. This type of lighting has already had the function of selling goods. The secondary lights mainly include the following two types:


It is the light that shines down from the ceiling. It effectively illuminates a certain position above the counter. This position should be chosen so that the reflected light from the glass cabinet or countertop is stimulated to the customer's eyes. The effect of the downlight can be achieved with a gold halide spotlight.

Showcase lighting

It is mainly used to overcome the glare caused by reflected light generated by glass cabinets and glass sliding doors. The display cabinets are easy to conceal, in addition to being able to illuminate the merchandise, it can also be illuminated upwards to highlight the outline of the merchandise. It can also be used to illuminate the upper part of the wall, creating a comfortable atmosphere. The function of the secondary lighting is mainly to help the customer to judge and compare the goods, so as to make the best choice for the goods, and also helps the salesperson to quickly and efficiently obtain the goods that the customer needs.

Ambient light

Ambient lighting can eliminate shadows and create different effects in special displays. It can not only illuminate goods, but also directly illuminate the walls to create an atmosphere. It can directly illuminate the model person and can even be used to illuminate the advertising board printed with the product template. The relationship between atmosphere lighting and display personnel is most direct.

In the window, the atmosphere lighting can be added with filters to create a variety of colors of light, resulting in a dramatic effect; in the store, the atmosphere of the light can make the display of the goods more distinctive, the atmosphere of the light due to the requirements of the brightness Strong.

In the exhibition area, the dramatic effect is achieved with the atmosphere light, and two problems need to be solved, namely, light and darkness and color. Most of the store's display lights are illuminated from above or from the side. Because the light is illuminated from the bottom up, it is easily blocked by the display device or the merchandise and forms a shadow. As for side lighting, it is more suitable for furniture display.

If the lighting is not arranged properly, it will cause glare due to reflection, irritating the customer's eyes, causing the customer to turn away from disgust. Therefore, when arranging the spotlight, the angle of the downward illumination should not exceed 45°. If there is still glare if it is less than 45°, the light can be controlled at the light bulb foot device or the louver.

The importance of lighting in the display of goods cannot be overemphasized. The role of lighting is enormous. Supermarkets should be keen on this issue and often improve on lighting techniques to keep window displays and interior merchandise displays up to date.

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