The sofa butler 4.4.3 Anniversary Edition is amazingly released, and 300 million downloads are thanksgiving!

Since its official release on September 16, 2013, the sofa butler has received unanimous praise from a large number of users, and the sofa butler has also grown up and constantly developed in the company of everyone. Unconsciously, the sofa butler has been accompanied by everyone through the spring and autumn, in the past two years, the sofa butler has undergone several major and minor updates and revisions, only to continuously improve the user experience, and each time The update also embodies the efforts of the staff and sand powder. Time flies, it will soon be the birthday of the 2nd anniversary of the sofa butler. Xiaobian, here on behalf of all the staff of the sofa network, to all those who have appeared in the growth of the sofa butler, said: Thank you.

At the same time, the sofa butler also held a series of rich activities during the month of September to let everyone receive prizes and benefits. Let's get up to date with Xiao Bian to learn about the latest changes and welfare activities of the sofa housekeeper's two-year anniversary edition.

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Update log

Latest Version: V4.4.3 Two Anniversary Edition
1. [New Features] Popular TV shows and movies are installed on the desktop;
2. [New Features] TV must-see, the latest and hotest episodes to facilitate collection;
3. [Anniversary] Grateful to the love of users, September 11-20 every day at 9:16 pm 916 WeChat red packets on time!
4. [Anniversary] 300 million downloads will break soon, and the 300 million downloads will win the 70-inch smart TV!

Update highlights

Popular TV shows, movie support installed to the desktop

Although most movie and TV software has "history/bookmark" function, it is convenient for users to continue watching their favorite movies and TV programs. But for the sofa manager who strives for perfection, every time from "turning on the smart TV to the corresponding movie software, and then to the user's 'history/bookmark'" is still a very tedious operation, and for many unfamiliar with the smart TV operating system The elderly and children are also not friendly. In response to this problem, the sofa butler 4.4.3 two-year edition intimately added the function of installing “hot broadcast television dramas” on the desktop in the movie and TV software, allowing users to quickly and easily navigate to the corresponding videos by clicking on the corresponding desktop icons. Playback screen in the software.

TV must see, the latest hottest episodes easy to collect

In order to make it easier for sofa housekeepers to find their favorite video content, the 4.5.9 bi-annual edition of the sofa housekeeper has updated the "TV must-have" section corresponding to "TV must-haves", which brings together the well-chosen current of the sofa butler staff. The newest and hottest TV episodes, click on the corresponding episode icons to add favorites, view details and watch directly. Let everyone truly do it only on the sofa, TV must see all!

Thanks for the love of the users, September 11-20 every day at 9:16 pm, 916 WeChat red packets on time!

In order to repay the support and love of the vast numbers of sofa butlers, there are 916 hot red envelopes for everybody to receive at 9:16 pm on September 11th to 20th. Users only need to scan the QR code below to pay attention to the sofa housekeeper WeChat. The public number will be able to find the sofa housekeeper's two-year event entrance on the menu page of the sofa butler's public number and send it on a first-come-first-served basis for 10 consecutive days. When you finish, everyone must remember to participate on time.

Click to enlarge, scan the QR code and pay attention to the sofa butler public number

Event details page: Anniversary with you 916, WeChat red packets never stop! (

300 million downloads will break soon, and the 300 million downloads will win 70-inch smart TVs!

Since its official release on September 16, 2013, sofa butlers have received unanimous favorable comments from customers. In the past two years, the sofa butler has provided nearly 300 million high-quality game application downloads for countless users. After the 4.4.3 biannual version of the sofa butler, users can find corresponding homepages on the sofa butler's homepage. "300 million downloads, 300 million points touched" event feature page, as long as users download any software in the new version can contribute for the sofa butler's 300 million downloads, and the 300 million download users You will also receive a 70-inch LeTV from the sofa butler!

Event details page: Anniversary 300 million downloads, 300 million points thanks! (

Sofa Manager Introduction

The sofa butler is the application store that currently has the largest number of users on the smart TVs and smart set-top boxes, and has the most daily distribution, and is most popular among TV application developers. With a strong technical support and a strict developer real-name authentication system, the sofa net open platform provides you with the safest and fastest download experience for third-party applications. Recommend the hottest apps and the most fun games every day to make you a smart TV expert.

Sofa butler also built a key to clean up, remote installation, traffic monitoring, application backup, rocket acceleration, network detection, self-start management, file management and other common functions, to provide you with smart TV, set-top box equipment one-stop solution.

Featured Premium Software Games
Relying on the APP search technology of sofa nets, sofa butlers provide super safe and secure TV boxes, perfect for movies, software, games, Chinese, and English that are used on TVs or boxes.

Custom recommendation content professional
The professional editorial team will promptly explore the latest and best games for TV, software, games, and exciting games. The cool topics allow you to enjoy the application of TV boxes.

Priority early adopters fast operation
Your current smart TV or box video, software, games, a key update, a key uninstall. Easy and quick operation saves you more time.

Easy to install and easy to use
The sofa butler makes you install the remote installation more intimately. You only need to enter the IP address and upload the APK in the PC section. The installation is simple and easy.

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