Millet TV live + on demand + latest movie with the strongest software

Live software:

Considering several indicators, the operation is not convenient enough, there are not many television stations, there is no Hunan Satellite TV (very strange, but it does not have many live broadcast software), there are not many video sources for each TV, and the province's channels are not clear enough. The recommended combination is as follows:

HDP live broadcast ---- easy to operate smoothly (taking into account the feelings of the elderly at home), Hunan TV, TV stations are very rich;

Alibaba Live - Hunan Satellite TV has a good video source at the provincial level, more than any other platform video source.

On demand software:

Considering several indicators, the operation is not enough convenient, all the functions are not normal on the Xiaomi TV 2S, the video source is not rich, and the video source type. The recommended combination is as follows:

Magic video --- operation smoothly, all functions are normal, video can break through some websites VIP and unique resources. Of course, there are posts in the forum that claim that the software has been completely eliminated. I have a comparison. The video source is not as good as this. Magic video also has a live broadcast source and is also very rich. And you can search for a mess of video on some video sites, such as a dog-raising technique.

Youku XL cracked version --- operation smoothly, all functions are normal, the key use is to look at some messy Youku videos, such as soilless cultivation techniques dog dog bathing this, not video resources. This is a supplement to Magic Video, because the video site that Magic Video can currently index does not include Youku.

If you are too lazy to wear a lot and feel satisfied with the basic requirements, in fact, a magic video live on demand can basically meet.

Latest movie:

The basic requirement is that there are resources on the Internet, whether pirates or genuine, high-definition or preemptive, as long as you want to see, we can watch on television. Methods as below:

If your home has limited bandwidth, play online often Caton:

1, buy millet router, or millet router mini, add an external hard drive. Install a router app on your computer or mobile phone, which is very convenient on your phone

2. Enter (a magnetic link search site that I use to search for the latest resources), search for the movie you want, find the right button after the magnetic download (long press and hold the phone) copy the magnetic link, on the router client Create a new download so that you can create a new download at the office and watch it directly after downloading it home from work.

If your home broadband is enough, online play is not a big problem:

1, the computer registered Baidu cloud steward, mobile phone installation Baidu cloud steward

2. Enter (a magnetic link search site, I used to search for the latest resources), search for the movie you want, find the right button in the magnetic download (long press and hold) copy the magnetic link, open the computer cloud steward, Choose offline download, download it to your cloud disk

Or add some movie sharing groups. There are also often Baidu cloud disk movie sharing, you can directly transfer to your own cloud disk

Or find some web disk Soso search this web search engine, search for yourself

No matter what kind of approach above, pay attention to two points, first, the video should not be too big, so that your broadband effort, and second, do not mkv, rm these uncommon formats, millet TV support is not good, play card. Rmvb, mp4 broadband no problem under the premise of these broadcasts are very smooth.

3. Install Baidu TV Cloud on your TV and bind your cloud drive account. Everything is good, the remote control finds the movie on the cloud disk, click to play.

To sum up:

Effective Installation: HDP Live + Magic Video + Baidu TV Cloud

If all three are skilled, then all kinds of resource channels are available.

Adequate funding is best with millet routers, so you can use the router to download in real time, because the latest blockbuster you want to see is piracy infringement, Baidu cloud disk will be very forceful to conduct regular inventory removal, only magnetic download to the local is the most secure, It is not illegal to download it to a local family member.

At present, I match is a millet router mini + hard disk + HDP live, magic video, Youku XL crack version, Baidu TV cloud, very cool!

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