New energy procurement system to implement LED street lights up to 50% subsidy

It is reported that since 2011, Shanxi Province has established and implemented a "priority procurement system for new energy." Shanxi Provincial Department of Finance will list new energy products in the government procurement product catalog, among which, solar LED street lamps have been listed as one of the five major projects supported by the government.

According to the stipulations, the urban-rural road lighting project using solar lights and the LED lighting system for the solar power LED street lighting project will be subsidized by the provincial government for 50% of the unit cost; solar photovoltaic or only lighting for the power supply system If the system uses LED lights, the provincial government will give a 25% subsidy to the monomer cost.

Since 2011, Shanxi Province has stipulated that all government-invested public buildings, parks, roads, plazas, streets, etc., must start from the planning and design process, and must use new energy in a compulsory manner; The proportion of subsidy use of new energy; completely private investment projects, the government should guide and encourage companies to use new energy as much as possible.

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