Tai Jie WEBOX-WE30 configuration parameters, detailed analysis!

Many boxes of 64-bit, 8-core, and Android 5.1 systems have been launched one after another. The hardware development of Android boxes has risen to a new level. The Taijie box, which has always been advertised as the king of hardware, is not far behind. Only after the first eight-core 64-bit box came out, it launched its new-generation flagship new box, the Tai Jie webox-WE30.

Its appearance continues the former WE20S penguin style, the difference is the body color, the use of black and white color matching, modeling more gratifying.

Followed by, the official exposure of the WE30 configuration information, eight nuclear, 64-bit CPU, support 4K resolution, hard solution 4K, really is the flagship configuration, approaching imagination.

This time, the 30 is at the forefront of box development. It uses 28nm technology and has eight Cortex-A53 core RK3368 processors. At the same time, the Cortex-A53 is ARM's new application processor and its performance is greatly improved compared with the previous generation. Claims can be up to three times the performance of today's smartphones at the same power level. Of course, the outstanding feature of the RK3368 is that it supports 64-bit operations, which doubles the width of the processor data stream and has more powerful data processing capabilities.

RK3368 operating frequency is also well-known, 1.5GHz, eight cores can be run at high load at the same time, but also can be flexible at low load off the core to switch to low-performance, low-power mode, that is, Tate’s new box up and running Will be smarter.

The arrival of the new Thai box can be said to be unexpected, but it is also reasonable. Throughout the development of the box, rich content of the box, the market is everywhere, the user's hardware configuration requirements for the box is getting higher and higher, Taijie is also seize this feature of the box industry, punch out, will push the Tate box To a higher level, with the good reputation and solid hardware of Taijie, the author is very optimistic about the performance of Taijie WEBOX 30 in the market, hoping that Tai Jie can do better.

✿ Material

Made of high quality plastic and metal, rust resistance and corrosion resistance, durable enough for you to hanging items, So the product appearance is exquisite, perfect workmanship.

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You can meet the different RATING daily needs. Please pay attention to the model of the switch before purchase, to ensure that you purchase the same as you need.

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Actuator Action is momentary and Actuator Type is long straight hinge lever. Switch Body Size as shown in the picture.So different sizes can meet all your daily different needs.

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Home appliance: micro oven, electric cooker, washing machine, electric heater, warmer, water fountain and so on.

Commercial appliance: Vending machine, electric toy, electric tools, duplicating machine and so on.

Machinery: Transport machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery and so on.

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