The "Millions of Seconds Quiz" conference was a lively opening ceremony. Tsai Kang-yung and the players were on the same platform.

At 3 pm on September 7th, China’s first full-time online quiz show, “The Million Seconds Q&A” conference, was a cool opening. The publicity movie was an amazing starter. The director of the show explained the definition of the program subtly. The host of the show, Cai Kangyong, sat “ The money chair "had a handsome appearance and he had "played a handy" mini version of the "Millions of Seconds Q&A" on the spot with the media friends. The scene was hot and the atmosphere was tense and joyful. Tsai Kang-yung, the moderator of the Million Seconds Quiz, also stated that he is ostracizing the school tyrants because they are only familiar with books and not curious about the world. He is very much looking forward to this program allowing more people to have different room for development. They can really feel that knowledge can change their destiny. After the press conference, all the media and audience on the scene expressed their expectation of the new mango system.

Live Money Chair Live Secret Secret 6 words define "million seconds"
The "Millions of Seconds Quiz" is another giant variety created by Mango TV this year. Previous questions and speculations about the "Millions of Seconds Quiz" have been positively answered at the conference. After the hot opening dance, the director of the program Tian Hai used “knowledge to change fate, full-time online, 612,000 seconds, 3 million bonuses, participation, and Tsai Kangyong” and 6 words to explain what is the “Millions of Seconds Q&A”. “There is no need for tedious knowledge, show and performance here. It only requires you to love life and have enough curiosity about life because I believe that knowledge is hidden in every corner of life.”

At the conference, as the biggest highlight of the show, the "Keeping Chair" was unveiled and the big turntable with a full sense of technology witnessed the miracle of "1 second = 10 yuan." "An inch of time is gold." "You just sit up and start talking. It's all accumulating gold for you," said Cai Kangyong. This enjoyable gameplay, in addition to the challengers on the show, is more oriented toward all users. It is reported that from September 7 onwards, the “Millions of Seconds Q&A” will be launched on the same line with the same name as the H5. Throughout the month, users will be able to answer and register through the H5. The strong user experience is that except for the “full time online” program. Another attraction. In addition to online H5, users can also register on-site through Hunan Radio and TV site registration. The full-time live video of the program will be presented on the Mango TV full-time platform for a total of 170 hours from the evening of September 30 to October 7. At that time, the program recording site is also open for registration.
Tsai Kang-yung and the answer to brains "Students may not be able to defeat grassroots"

At the press conference, two challengers from the media experienced an analog version of the "Millions of Seconds Quiz" on the spot, and 15 topics included entertainment, common sense, current affairs news, historical events, defenders and challengers. Pressing harder and harder, the score was flattered several times, leading to a burst of live bursts. As the amount of money accumulated on the chair increased, the atmosphere became more and more tense. Eventually, the headsman held his position with a similar score and won a personal development fund of RMB 11950. He actually earned a return on his own knowledge. , shouting "It's just better than stocks!"
Interestingly, when Tsai Kang-yung was asked by the media “If you come to participate in a million seconds, can you come to the end”, Tsai Kang-yung smiles: “Since the first question I just simulated, I thought I should not enter the sea. !" Laughter in the audience. Cai Kangyong also said with emotion: "Actually, I am very grateful that these 17 issues are not only people who love reading books, but they have a wide coverage and allow more people to make use of their space. Here, learning tyrants may not be able to defeat grassroots."
Talk about Xie Na’s Past Story Cai Kangyong has joined the mango source for a long time

As the host debut of Tsai Kang-yung, Cai Kangyong joined Mango in fact "for a long time." In the group interview after the conference, Cai Kangyong said frankly: “When I first came to Changsha, I met Xie Na and He Wei. We have always maintained a good relationship with friends. Every time they take me to eat very hot things, each time I guarantee that the restaurant is not hot, but I can't open my eyes every time I walk in. Wang Han also generously gave me a classical shadow play. This is a place where I welcome me warmly and kindly. I'm happy to Return to this sentiment.” It can be seen that the friendly atmosphere of cooperation between Cai Kangyong and Mango has already laid the foundation. This time, it will assume the chairmanship of the mango TV strategic big project. It must not rule out that there will be deeper cooperation opportunities afterwards.
"Seven Fairy" hosting has not yet exposed small S to join the call

It is reported that in the "million seconds quiz" in the National Day broadcast of the 7 days, there will be a host every day and Tsang Kangyong partner, and the 7 host program group is still selected. For the surprise of the “seven fairies”, the on-site media showed a strong curiosity and asked “whether there will be small S?” Cai Kangyong stated that at present, there are still no confirmed candidates, but it must be the choice of netizens to like, watch, and be able to simultaneously Get in touch with your partner. In the discourse, it caused infinite media conjecture.
Anyway, the "Millions of Seconds Quiz" must be the craziest and most challenging answer program ever. This document runs through the National Day holiday and is a lively, full-time online game that lasts 7 days and 7 nights. It is a marathon-style long test. It is the dual challenge to the challenger's brainpower and physical strength. “Seeking knowledge is a wonderful thing. I am willing to share it with more people and prove that knowledge changes the miracle of destiny.” This kind of program concept full of positive energy is also a major factor that Tsai Kang-yung tries to join, and we also have reason. Looking forward, the wise and funny "Chua's style" has wonderful blooms in stimulating nervous competition!
From now on, everyone can click to download Mango TV

Enter the Millions of Seconds Q&A page, scan code to participate in the answer, fight IQ, win the opportunity to “knowledge change destiny”! ! ! All kinds of surprises are waiting for you! ! !

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