Core introduces high-efficiency 8-bit microcontroller

Silicon Laboratories has introduced the new high-performance 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) family of C8051F39x and C8051F37x devices that integrate a wider temperature range and high-accuracy temperature sensors without calibration. Integrate high-performance analog peripherals and fast 8051 CPU cores in a very small package, allowing them to be used for optical transmission modules, sensor interfaces, and DC brushless motor applications such as fans, dryers, vacuum cleaners, and remote-controlled toy cars Optimize the solution.

Many consumer and industrial applications require high-accuracy temperature sensors that facilitate adjustment of the state of the components on the board (such as sensors, lasers, power supplies, etc.) over the temperature range. The C8051F39x/C8051F37x MCUs have built-in temperature sensors that can be used over a wide temperature range (up to 105°C), provide ±2°C accuracy, and require no calibration. The C8051F39x/7x series products are five times more accurate than other similar MCU products, and through the improved temperature compensation processing program, better end product reliability can be achieved. In addition, unlike other MCU products, the temperature sensors in this family of MCU products do not require factory calibration, thereby reducing production costs.

The C8051F39x/7x MCUs are more than 30% smaller than other solutions and are ideal for space-constrained applications such as optical transceiver modules. This family of MCUs is highly integrated, integrating temperature sensors, crystals, differential analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), reference voltages, and two digital-to-analog converters (DACs) to further reduce BOM cost and PCB area . The on-chip analog peripherals allow developers to significantly reduce discrete components and reduce BOM costs above $0.30. In addition, the innovative Crossbar technology of this series of MCU products allows developers to flexibly assign peripheral functions to designated pin positions, thereby simplifying system wiring planning and reducing pin-to-pin conflicts.

The C8051F39x/7x MCUs are based on a patented pipelined 8051 core, 2.5 times the CPU performance of other competing products (up to 50 MIPS). High-resolution pulse-width modulation (PWM) handles more complex logic, providing motor speed control and higher efficiency for motor control applications. In addition, the C8051F39x/7x MCU family supports 4-level interrupt priority, allowing fast interrupt processing in real-time applications.

The C8051F39x/7x MCUs meet the industry's needs for low power consumption and green energy, with ultra-low power consumption of 160uA/MHz in the operating mode, and up to 80% power savings compared to other products. Low-power operating modes reduce self-heating and are extremely important for extending battery life and space-constrained/closed applications such as optical transceivers in portable applications.

The C8051F37x family is Silicon Labs' first MCU with integrated 512B EEPROM, supporting more than 10x write/erase times (1M vs. 100k typical) and faster programming time compared to standard flash memory (3.5 Ms vs. 112ms). Increased write/erase times are useful for applications such as wireless sensor nodes and data loggers because such applications often require continuous data writes to the storage area. Faster programming times are necessary for applications such as industrial control and optical modules because they have strict requirements on the calibration cycle.

The Silicon Labs C8051F39x/7x MCU family of product development kits provides everything embedded developers need to evaluate hardware and development code, including the C8051F390 or C8051F370 test board, USB debugger/programmer, power supplies, cables, quick start Guides and free downloadable software tools. In addition, the Silicon Labs TOOLSTICK370-A-DC Daughter Card provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use development system that allows developers to use the integrated development environment (IDE) provided by Silicon Labs directly on the C8051F37x/9x MCU for application development. And adjustments.

The Silicon Labs C8051F39x/7x MCUs are now in volume production in 4mm x 4mm 20-pin and 24-pin QFN packages, 4-16kB flash memory, and 1kB RAM. The F39x/7x is compatible with the Silicon Labs C8051F33x MCU pins and code.

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