Foshan clearly defines the development path of LED lighting industry and strives to reach 60 billion yuan in 2015

On August 24th, Foshan City released the LED industry technology roadmap, clarifying the development path of LED lighting industry in the next five years, and proposing “cultivating epitaxial chips, strengthening packaging, and making large-scale applications to create a distinctive image of LED manufacturing brand in Foshan” Guidelines. And strive to establish regional and brand advantages like traditional lighting in the field of LED lighting. By 2015, the LED industry target will reach 60 billion yuan, and Foshan will become the largest supporting industrial base in South China.

Many LED companies said that when the market competition is disorderly and the industrial development encounters bottlenecks, the road map is released, and a new way is opened up in combination with the geographical advantages of Foshan.

It is reported that the current output value of Foshan City in the traditional lighting field is 20 billion yuan, about 200 photoelectric enterprises, and the output value reaches 10 billion yuan. However, in the industrial chain layout, it is seriously unbalanced, mainly concentrated in the downstream links of the industrial chain such as packaging and application.

Yu Binhai, director of the Industrial Roadmap Expert Committee, believes that the LED industry in Foshan has missed the first round of development opportunities in the LED industry. The company has very little investment in LED product development, lack of features, low market visibility and small production scale. In the next 3-5 years, it will be a crucial period for determining the healthy and rapid development of the LED industry in Foshan, forming an industrial cluster and geographical advantages.

The industry's biggest advantage is that Foshan has a very strong industrial base and scale in the field of traditional lighting such as energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps. It has the advantages of good brand, market channels, lighting talents, capital and large-scale supporting industries. In the next five years, whether the LED industry in Foshan can recreate its glory depends to a certain extent on whether these enterprises can successfully transform.

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