Innovative home appliance leading development trend Haier refrigerator IFA exhibition leading industry trend

In September 2012, the IFA exhibition that affected the world opened in Berlin as scheduled. As an international platform for the world's major home appliance companies to showcase new products and technologies, it has become a world platform for major companies to become international. It is worth noting that Haier, the world's first home appliance brand with the theme of “facing the future”, has demonstrated the world's refrigerator industry leaders such as fully air-cooled embedded refrigerators and transparent refrigerators. strength.

Innovative appliances unveiled at IFA Haier Embedded Refrigerator

The reporter learned from the exhibition that at the exhibition, the major home appliance brands have different manifestations on the “future” on the basis of continuing traditional technology. The international brands led by Haier exhibited low-carbon energy-saving, large-volume, drawer-type, kitchen-embedded refrigerators, and further demonstrated the global refrigerator trend. In addition, Haier Group also released products such as interactive transparent refrigerators that represent the forward-looking development of the industry, which also confirms Haier Group's advancement and leading position in the industry trend.

At this exhibition, Haier embedded refrigerator became a highlight of the Haier refrigerator exhibition area. The neat style and Continental design are very eye-catching. The reporters in the exhibition area saw that the whole set of embedded refrigerators and kitchens were seamless, and the neat panels made people feel like refrigerators. Many users who come to experience at the scene are attracted by this neatly embedded refrigerator. A couple of young European couples rushed to take photos with Haier's built-in refrigerators, and they expressed the hope that they would have such a refrigerator.

According to the person in charge of Haier, this embedded refrigerator incorporates a stylish European style. The simple and concealed embedded design saves the kitchen space and greatly improves the user experience. The embedded refrigerator is A+++ energy-consuming, and it is fully air-cooled and frost-free technology, which is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. In addition to the complete set of embedded refrigerators, the Italian-style second-generation, interactive transparent refrigerators exhibited by Haier Group also shined at the exhibition with outstanding design and cutting-edge innovation technology, which won the unanimous approval of the visitors.

Insight into global future consumer demand Haier refrigerator leading industry trend

Haier Group's embedded refrigerators, transparent Italian second-generation refrigerators and other innovative products at the IFA show show the development trend of high-end refrigerators in the future: large capacity, multi-door, drawer and embedded. These trends are the insight and understanding of the needs of consumers around the world. According to industry analysts, these refrigerators have shown revolutionary changes in many fields such as technology, design, and green, and have dominated the trend of the world.

From the perspective of technological innovation, Haier has provided strong support to the five R&D centers established in Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia. In-depth user research, international technical teams and designers ensure that product technology is leading and correct. Accurate grasp of user needs. For example, the first revolutionary product IoT refrigerator launched by Haier Group successfully realized the network connection and opened a new chapter for the future life of users.

From the perspective of design innovation, the chief designers from Haier's five global R&D centers have presented their users with subversive “surprise” with their artistic design. The breakthrough of traditional refrigerator space, the popularity of drawer design, these innovations from the design concept to the space concept are in the forefront of the refrigerator industry. Previously, the French-style Italian three-door refrigerator designed by Francesco (Francisco), the chief designer of Haier Group in Europe, was collectively imitated by the world refrigerator industry when it was first listed.

From the perspective of green innovation, Haier Group's various innovative refrigerators have reached the European A+++ energy consumption standard, which is in line with consumers' pursuit of green environmental protection trends. Similarly, the drawer-style minimalist design simplifies the original take-up process into a “one-step” – the drawer can be used to remove food, highlighting the simple low-carbon lifestyle.

Experts pointed out that in the global refrigerator market, Haier refrigerators have dominated the “future” trend of the refrigerator industry with innovative products, innovative design and innovative technologies. It is Haier Refrigerator, which has won many reputations from over 100 million users worldwide, and has achieved the number one reputation in the world for four consecutive years.



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