Do not forget to go again "go home" Detailed Kaibo H10 family photo album

There is a feeling of blood thicker than water, called affection. Although each person's life path is very different, it is also inseparable from the unselfish help and reliance of affection. Sometimes a simple photo will bring warm comfort to the family. On April 6th, KAIBOER and Mango TV teamed up with Juxian as their sincerity for the 10th Anniversary Edition of Kaibol – the Mango Moonlight Box Kaiboer H10 was launched in a warm manner. The Kaibol QXUI Qixiang System adopted by the company is particularly suitable for users. Built-in "friendship album" is very simple to use. As long as there is a WeChat in the network, it can be used quickly whether it is in China or abroad. Wechat is concerned about binding the public number of "Kabo Family Photo Album", and can send photos directly to the home TV to let the family know about your current situation.

(Mango Moonlight Box Kaibol H10)

(Kaibo QXUI Qiuchong System)

(Kang Bor H10 “Lovely Album” function)

The WeChat binding of the family photo album is relatively simple, and it supports the direct scanning of the QR code or the verification code to focus on binding the public number of “Kabo Family Photo Album”. Of course, it is also possible for the family to directly send a QR code or a binding number to those who are separated by thousands of miles to remotely bind the public number of “Kabo Family Photo Album”. After binding, you can send pictures remotely, and there will be a prompt next to the search in the top right corner of the main page.

(Kabo H10 “Friendship Album” interface icon demo)

(Mobile WeChat scanning QR code is concerned with the "Korla family photo album" public number and binding equipment)

Uploading a photo to the “Friendship Album” is as simple as selecting a photo of a mobile phone and clicking on “Send Photo” directly from the public number of “Kabo Family Photo Album”. Where WeChat can be used normally, there is no pressure to send albums remotely. The speed of sending photos is very fast. At the same time as uploading, the "family album" simultaneously displays the thumbnails of the photos; clicking the photos supports the enlargement of the photos.

(Browse "family photo album" all content)

In general, the so-called “kinship photo album” supports WeChat with multiple family members. It displays album photos of different members, intimate functions, and shared photos. It owns the open system of the QLUI Qibao system, and has a mango moonlight box Kaibol H10. You can easily pull away thousands of miles of affection.

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