Intelligent Lighting Terminates LED Energy Saving History

Recently, the intelligent dimming control technology and equipment for LED tunnel lights jointly developed by Hefei Yuanhui Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Expressway Development Co., Ltd. have been successfully applied to the Guizhou-Gaolong Tunnel on Xiarong Expressway. According to the 48h test conducted by the National Traffic Safety Facility Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the left-hole LED intelligent stepless dimming lighting system saves 34.7% of energy compared with the right-hole LED grading dimming lighting system. This result shows that using the brightness-controllable LED lamp and its intelligent lighting system has a greater energy-saving advantage than a constant-brightness LED lamp. The successful application of the key technology of LED Tunneling System for Expressway Tunnels in the Gelong Tunnel completely overturned the lighting modes that conventional lamps can only turn on and off. Through the fine adjustment of the brightness of the lamps and lanterns, the lighting energy consumption is greatly reduced and the industry is realized. Long-term pursuit of on-demand lighting goals.

According to experts, the brightness of lamps and lanterns will be constantly attenuated during use, so in the design of road tunnels and urban road lighting, brightness must be increased by about 50% in advance (that is, the standard required brightness value is divided by a maintenance factor of about 0.65). In order to ensure that the brightness of the lamps and lanterns decays, the road surface brightness can still be above the standard. This causes the lamps to be over-illuminated during use and before they are scrapped. This wastes energy. Although the maintenance factor extends the replacement cycle of the light source, it also becomes an electric tiger that consumes electric energy. Especially when there are fewer vehicles in the second half of the night, the waste of electrical energy is as high as 67% or more. After using LED intelligent lighting, fine brightness adjustment can be used to avoid this waste, so that the maintenance factor is no longer an electric tiger.

According to relevant literature analysis, LED intelligent stepless dimming lamps can generally save energy by more than 60% if they replace high pressure sodium lamps, and more than 40% more energy than LED lamps if they are applied in urban road lighting. Compared with LED lamps, it not only saves energy, but also lowers the operating temperature of lamps and extends the service life of lamps. In terms of investment, compared with high-pressure sodium lamps, it takes only about three years to recover all the investment that will be increased through energy-saving benefits. Compared with LED lamps, the intelligent stepless dimming lighting system has three times longer lamp life than the same type of lamps, and the cable investment for road tunnels can be significantly reduced by more than 30%, saving both power and money. The industry wishes.

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