Tu Mingkai: We are optimistic about the prospect of LED lights for the industrialization of LED fluorescent lamps

Plaid jacket, light-colored trousers, and white hair neatly combed back, and the 83-year-old academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, metal materials, and heat treatment specialist Tu Mingyu was very spirited.

He is a native of Chongqing, this time signing in Chongqing, "is also trying to do something for his hometown."

Tu Mingyu’s “something” is the key technology and application basic research project of led special phosphors. “Semiconductor lighting has formed an industry in Chongqing, but it still lacks a link. This link is an LED phosphor.” Tu Mingzhe said that since last year, he has started to research new types of LED phosphors for light emitting materials. Through research, it has been found that fluorescent light is used. Powder LED lamps need 2/3 energy saving than ordinary LED lamps and about 1/2 less than Philips lamps.

At present, the research results have begun trials in Sichuan, Shenzhen and other places, but have not yet entered the industrialization stage. "This time, Chongqing is hoping to realize industrialization.

Tu Mingzhe said that compared with traditional lighting, LED lamps are relatively expensive, but in the long run, their service life is very long, up to 10 years, plus energy savings. "Overall, More cost-effective, but one-time input costs are higher, which requires the government to adopt subsidies and other means to promote."

Tu is very optimistic about the prospects of LED lights, he said that once the phosphor as a light-emitting material, in Chongqing for mass production, by then, people can also use inexpensive LED lights.

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