Internet of Things promotes short-range wireless communication, and the application prospects are pretty

The emergence of short-range wireless communication technology along with the Internet of Things, industrial automation and other continuous development, which is a technology that the author has been paying attention to. Explain in detail the rich application prospects, and then compare the performance of different communication methods, and finally introduce some typical products.

Typical applications and market prospects

1 Industrial Process Control

In industrial applications, the data of each sensor is detected to ensure the safety of the operator, and the status of various devices can be detected in real time.

2 wireless meter reading

We have seen examples of staff manually recording water meters. It can be felt that traditional means are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and wireless is intelligent. If short-distance wireless communication is used, meter reading can avoid accidental copying and missing copying, and it is convenient for subsequent analysis.

3 Home automation

There are a lot of electrical appliances in the home, and the thread is dense, which not only affects the mood but also has hidden dangers. It uses wireless communication to achieve centralized control of household appliances, and can reduce wiring and increase the quality of life.

4 medical monitoring, car wireless keys, etc.

Internet of Things promotes short-range wireless communication, and has rich application prospects

Frequency band selection

The figure below shows the ISM/SRD bands supported by various countries. In addition to 2.4 GHz, all other bands are basically different. ISM refers to the frequency bands allocated by industry, science and medical care, so for common RF chips, supporting multiple frequency bands is the most important function to achieve its application.

Internet of Things promotes short-range wireless communication, and has rich application prospects

For communication systems, the use of different communication bands requires trade-offs. From our physics knowledge, we can know that the longer the wavelength, the stronger the penetration ability and the farther the transmission distance. Therefore, compared with 2.4GHz, the transmission distance of the former is farther, and the latter is a universal frequency band. From the perspective of information security, it also needs careful consideration.

On the other hand, the 2.4 GHz transmission code rate is higher, and the same amount of information is transmitted at the same time, and its power consumption is smaller. The receiving wire required for 900MHz requires 8.33cm, while the receiving wire required for 2.4GHz requires 3.12cm.

Comparison of transmission distance and speed

The transmission distance and transmission code rate of various communication modes are generally more than 500 meters, which is long-distance communication transmission, such as GSM, GPRS and 3G, and short-distance transmission such as ZigBee, Bluetooth, UWB, etc.

Internet of Things promotes short-range wireless communication, and has rich application prospects

Power consumption and cost comparison

In the previous blog, we learned about the different transmission methods in detail in the previous blog. We will not only take a nap to make a simple comparison here. What I want to say here is that although Zigbee transmits a small bit rate, it has extremely low power consumption, simple system and low cost, and it has reached a wide range of applications in practice. As a Bluetooth technology that has appeared in 1999, the typical representative of current applications is limited to wireless headphones for high-end mobile phones.

Internet of Things promotes short-range wireless communication, and has rich application prospects

Typical product introduction

Here I introduce an ADI ADF70xx transmitter series and ADF702x transceiver series, which are suitable for automatic meter reading systems, industrial automation, alarm and security systems, home automation systems, remote controls and other requirements for low power and remote transmission. Wireless network and telemetry system.

Internet of Things promotes short-range wireless communication, and has rich application prospects

The ADF70X series can operate in both licensed and unlicensed bands of less than 1 GHz, covering almost all of the bands we have introduced, with high data rates and strong link robustness.

Analog Devices also offers evaluation boards, protocol software (ADIismLINK) and antenna reference designs to provide complete wireless link and network solutions to help users establish "out-of-the-box" RF links.

to sum up

Choose the right wireless communication method, build your own wireless network solution, and ensure the predetermined functions under the requirements of funds, transmission quality and transmission power consumption.

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