Novell enters the intelligent workload management market

Novell enters the intelligent workload management market

Novell recently launched the "Intelligent Workload Management" (Intelligent Workload Management, IWM) solution, which integrates multiple identity authentication and system management functions into a single application workload to increase work in computing environments such as physical, virtual, and cloud Load safety and portability. Enterprises will be able to significantly reduce risks and challenges in a multi-computing environment, while providing users with computing services that comply with security and compliance regulations.

Novelln said that new technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing enable various applications to get rid of the hardware constraints of traditional data centers, thus changing the face of IT. Although these new technologies have attractive advantages such as low cost and more flexibility, when enterprises want to widely deploy these new technologies, they must reconsider the issues of safety and compliance. As the competent authority strengthens control over the business operations of enterprises, and data is increasingly dispersed in different locations, the requirements for security and compliance will also increase. Therefore, traditional IT service management methods have been unable to meet the various needs of today's IT companies.

The intelligent workload management solution provides a new and more effective computing model, allowing IT organizations to follow policy-driven, secure, and compliance laws between physical, virtual, and cloud computing environments Management and optimization of computing resources to provide end users with complete business services. Workload is a unit of work created by integrating operating systems, middleware and applications, and is characterized by portability and self-sufficiency of resources. Organizations can construct, protect, manage, and evaluate workloads through intelligent workload management.

Intelligent workload management solutions can cope with any kind of IT workloads, and enterprise organizations can get better optimization results through intelligent workloads. Intelligent workloads have built-in identity authentication and data access control mechanisms, and these mechanisms can perform cross-platform operations between different computing environments with the workload. At the same time, the intelligent workload also has built-in real-time monitoring and reporting functions, which can determine the time and location of deployment by itself, and can also be managed through the old and new management structures.

Since workloads are not enforced by policy statements or regulations, and are difficult to manage and protect, customers can use various existing workload management tools to distribute workloads to ad hoc models. Suitable system machine. However, through intelligent workload management technology, customers can execute various workloads according to IT policies, and can be managed on the dashboard, and can also obtain reports that ensure security and compliance with regulations.

Novell's intelligent workload management solutions have been widely supported by many industry leaders, including Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), Atos Origin, ECS Technology, Gen-i, Infosys, KIS, Tech Data, Tencent, Trustmarque and VMware and other companies.

In the coming year, Novell will launch eight new products and continue to expand its original product line for the intelligent workload management market. The core of Novell's intelligent workload management solution is to integrate its advanced identity certification and security management technology into various products to help customers respond to the cycle of intelligent workload management-that is, during the construction, security, management and evaluation Possible challenges. Because Novell's products adopt a modular design model, customers can adopt any product at any point in the cycle, while also ensuring continuous promotion of intelligent workload management.

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