Optimized feature extraction and matching

In order to determine the relative pose information of the UAV and the motion platform, it is necessary to know the geometric and structural characteristic parameters of the observed feature points of the UAV, that is, the coordinate parameters of the known feature points on the UAV in the airborne coordinate system. By solving the correspondence between the feature points and the actual feature points in the target drone image captured by the stereoscopic pose measurement system, the relative pose information of the target drone and the ship is calculated. This process is mainly divided into three steps: establishing a feature model library, target feature extraction and target specific matching.

Plug Type Power Supply

Plug Type Power Supply

Power supply plug types, it is 12v power supply. Plastic housing use ultrasonic process. EU,UK,USA, AU plug is available. 4 times aging test. 100% Enough Power, High efficiency 85%. .


Wide input range: AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz.
Protections:short circuit, over current, overload,over voltage.
Customized AC plug, EU,UK,USA,AU Plug is available
100% full load burn-in test

Adopts No hole design, plastic housing use ultrasonic process,

it is No need any screw.

3 years warranty

Product application:

Application to CCTV, Access control,Alarm System.

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