Self-made LED strobe light steps and methods

Complex buildings are also derived from simple structures, so let's try to start with a simple flash circuit.

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The first thing you need to prepare is the tools. If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools. If you are not familiar with the application of the tool, it is recommended to find a simpler tool to practice the hand first - then look at the construction drawings, the required parts and lines are also marked on the circuit diagram.

LED strobe circuit

Required electronic parts: 10k resistor x2, 4.7k resistor x1, 430 resistor x4, potentiometer 1Mx1, ceramic capacitor x1, Elko4, 7fx1, Elko100fx1, transistor BC327x1, NE555x1, IC socket x1, PCB empty board x1.

Prepare the required materials to start, first find a working plane, insert all the parts into the pre-opened holes on the board according to the position on the circuit diagram, and then connect the components to the pins. It is very simple to say, you need DIYer's patience and meticulousness. The IC socket is the first to be soldered to the board, while the NE555 is installed through the socket, which prevents the novice from accidentally burning the integrated circuit because the soldering time is too long or the soldering tool does not have anti-static measures.

After a round of trouble, the rookie must have been sweating. Review the results of labor! If you are already dizzy, take a break and sweat, then go back and check carefully if the weld is correct and firm. QC quality inspection work is very important.

The front components should also be checked. Because you don't pay attention to the details, it may not bring a dazzling effect after power-on, but it is a smoke!

After the check is completed, you can power up and see the effect! If the welding is correct, it will work after power-on. Adjust the frequency of the flash by an adjustable potentiometer. Of course, here is just a demonstration! You can change the LED light to any color other than red, or you can do multiple light control panels to control multiple sets of LEDs to achieve a more dazzling effect.

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