Start Satisfied, Later Disappointed Mobile Magic Lily TV Set Top Box

What is this magic lily? Mobile send. Because my family's mobile broadband has expired, it happens that Liaoning Province has a mobile optical broadband year-end activity, which is divided into several files. I have selected 299 yuan and 20M package year, and the province has a total of 30,000 places, starting from May 17th. , places run out. It seems to be a good grab, and after a few days there, after the day I handle, give a mobile set-top box, 299 yuan 20M broadband is 239 yuan, mobile set-top box is 60 yuan a year, total is 299 yuan. In this way, I have another set-top box, and it seems that mobile is also very hard to promote business. The service fee is only 60 yuan a year, and there is no need to pay a deposit. After one year, the box is returned to the mobile company. It is estimated that everyone has used mobile set-top boxes not much, I will simply evaluate the next, if we need to apply for reference also whether to handle.

One, out of the box

The front of the box

The back of the box

The state of opening the box

Mainly these things

Magic Lily's front, move 4K

The back of the box

Infrared receiving front

There are 2 USB and TF card sockets

Cables, HDMI jacks, jacks are the most used in my set-top box

A family portrait, the wire is more complete

Send HDMI cable, 1.5 meters long

Also sent the AV cable, which is stronger than other boxes


Infrared remote control, button can also have a kind of crisp feeling

On the back of the remote control, it can be said that I have experimented several times without success.

With 2 batteries on the 7th


Second, boot

Boot is a sign of moving

Great tips

China Mobile's explanation, choose the next step

First select the PPPOE configuration, in fact, I do not have to show you demo

If you are using the set-top box to access the Internet, enter your account and password here

Wired network auto configuration

Look on the line, most of them now use WIFI

Wired network manual configuration

Look on the line, can't use it anyway

Automatic configuration of wireless network, this is the use of

Enter the prompt WIFI signal name, choose what you can use

enter password


connection succeeded

Prompt to complete, you can use

Home screen, first look at the settings, the button in the lower right corner

Device Information

Network settings

display setting

Screen saver settings

Player settings

Multi-screen interactive

Date and time

Authentication settings

System Upgrade

Internet Information


password protection

Third, online video

First look at the most important online video playback

First enter the movie

All movies

TV show program

Children's program

Inside the game

Anime show inside

Variety show inside

Inside life program

Documentary program inside

Inside music program

Special program inside

Inside the 3D cinema program

4K program inside

You can also search for shows and click the search button

Enter BXJG and come out with the Transformers movie

Can also be filtered by type

Searching other can also

There is nothing special about playing online videos. As long as you have the resources, you can play them normally. The speed is still smooth. It is similar to other boxes.

Fourth, play the local video file

This set-top box supports 2 USB jacks and a TF card jack, click on the local play of the home page

Choose film and television

This can enter the U disk, you can play, 32G U disk support, but I have an 80G old mobile hard disk does not support

A few days ago, the hot London fell, with clear pictures and smooth playback

Subtitles options in playback options settings

Play Track Options in Playback Options

Information options in playback options settings

Play screen options in option settings

Edit Options in Playback Options Settings

V. Live TV

Click on the home channel play

Need to install the application, choose OK

Choose next

Tips below

Choose to enter the first channel, seven-day highlights have never been successfully opened

After the first channel can be selected channel

After entering the channel, you can choose to play the show

For example, choose to play explore discoveries

You can fast forward, rewind, last show, next show, etc.

You can also select programs that have already been played in the past few days

Play screen

Play screen

Can also choose programs

VI. Browse pictures

This set-top box can also browse pictures and select local playback

Select album

Then you can browse through the pictures. This is my crazy animal city poster picture I like.

The above pictures are in high definition and they are very clear on TV

Seven, play music

This set-top box also has the function of playing music, choose local play

Choose music

Then you can select tracks

You can choose the next or next, the reaction is very fast

Eight, other

There is also a recommended hottest program on the homepage

There are favorites, etc. into my management

The first is a collection

The second is to watch the program record

Click on a program name to also choose to play from the beginning or continue playing

system notification

Child lock function, I never used it anyway

There is a leaderboard feature, home page select leaderboard

New movie list, click on movie name to play

On-demand rankings

to sum up:

I started writing this review in May. When I finished it was the end of July. Now I rarely use this set-top box. Because it is not easy to use, the hardware can hit 85 points, but the software is too bad. When used in various interfaces. There are always inconvenient places. Although they are all small details, they are inconvenient to accumulate. There are millet boxes and no set-top boxes at home, so they are rarely used nowadays.

For this set-top box, my suggestion is that if you send it for free, or if you spend less than $60 a year, you can try it out. If it's more than $60, buy a box yourself, use more videos, and use it more. Convenient and permanent use.


1, more jacks, can give jacks are given, the wire is also full, even the AV cable and network cable also gave, other boxes are not to give.

2, hardware configuration can also be, you can play 4K video.

3, can play online video is still relatively clear, smooth playback.

4. TV programs can be played back.


1, online video programs are relatively small.

2, TV programs do not work well.

3, there are many details of anti-human places, such as playing online video fast forward or backward, the progress bar disappeared after 5 seconds, affecting my subtitles. If you want to listen to music, there is no continuous playback function, you must manually select the next song after you finish playing. There are many other things that I will not list one by one.

4, can not install other applications, it should be able to brush machine, but still give mobile after one year, if deducting money is not worth it.

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