What has changed in millet artificial intelligence TV 3s and previous versions?

On the afternoon of the 27th, Xiaomi's autumn new product launch brought brand new millet TV 3S 65 inches and 55 inches two versions. Unlike the previously released millet TV 3s surface version, this millet TV 3s straight TV price is more human , but the configuration does not cut corners!

Today, the sofa net Xiaobian will take you to see what difference the two products of the same series of millet!

By comparison, we can see that the latest straight millet artificial intelligence 3s TV has achieved NTSC 85% compared to the previous surface color gamut. To put it plainly, the effect of the TV screen is more vivid compared to the previous color. The viewing effect is also very obvious. A great degree of improvement! The thickness is also greatly reduced, and the price is cheaper by 4000 yuan, nearly half!

In addition, this new artificial intelligence TV supports HDR. The HDR technology brings about visual quality improvement. Even ordinary viewers can distinguish with the naked eye, which can also greatly enhance the user's viewing experience.

Since it is the shadow of artificial intelligence that artificial intelligence televisions must be somewhat artificial, Xiaomi released a new television intelligence system PatchWall puzzle wall system. The waterfall stream, which is known as "Continuously Continuous," uses magazine typesetting, not only because the font looks more delicate, but also the layout can be easily exchanged. What's more, this Xiaomi system, through deep learning, claims to be able to recommend a variety of personalized movie slips to viewers throughout the year 365 days, reaching thousands of thousands of people.

Almost all the major substantive changes are so much that the contents of television programs can be expanded by downloading a sofa housekeeper.

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