Thailand's total lighting value of 4.9 billion LED over 80% need to be imported

“Welcome to the LED products of major enterprises certified by Thailand's standard system to enter the Thai market, and look forward to the next deep cooperation between the two parties.” On 18-19, I visited a number of LED lighting companies in Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shenzhen and Huizhou. Later, Somjit Punsuwan, the head of Bangba County in Chailiu, Thailand, said that the trip had an in-depth understanding of the development of the LED industry in Guangdong. She sincerely affirmed and appreciated Guangdong's contract energy management (EMC) model, as well as LED companies and products.

It is understood that at present, there are rare LED manufacturers in Thailand, and 80% of LED lighting products need to be imported. Relevant statistics show that the total value of the Thai lighting market in 2014 reached 800 million US dollars (equivalent to about 4.92 billion yuan), an increase of 12% over 2013. It is estimated that the annual growth rate will reach 30% in the next five years, and indoor lighting and industrial construction applications will become two important components of the Thai LED lighting market.

In recent years, the Thai government has strongly supported the selection of energy-saving products. Thailand's considerable market potential and increasingly strong purchasing power will bring business opportunities to Chinese LED companies. The representative of the staff of Beiliufu was entrusted by the Thai government to visit and hope to introduce Guangdong's advanced LED products, and to take the lead in building a pilot demonstration project for LED in Beiliufu, and then to achieve the goal of promoting LED products in large areas in Thailand.

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