TI's 6LoWPAN solution for personal area networks

TI's below 1 GHz and 2.4 GHz 6LoWPAN solutions provide a remote, low-cost wireless sensor with a smooth connection to the wireless expansion of the Internet and wired IP infrastructure. TI's 6LoWPAN solution can operate in sub-1 GHz bands, providing longer wireless distances at lower power levels than traditional 2.4 GHz based 6LoWPAN products. The 6LoWPAN solution supports large-scale self-healing mesh networks for applications such as smart meters and smart cities, including street lighting, home and building automation, and other wireless sensor networks. TI's 6LoWPAN solution is based entirely on Internet Protocol (IP) and open IEEE and IETF standards.

Related solutions

TI solution

1.   CC2538: A scalable platform for cost-effective, low-power 6LoWPAN solutions  

It includes a powerful ARM Cortex M3-based microcontroller (MCU) system with up to 32K of on-chip RAM and 512K of on-chip flash memory that enables it to handle security, including demanding applications and wireless download complexities Network stack. 32 general purpose input and output (GPIO) and serial peripheral interfaces enable simple connections to the rest of the board. A powerful security accelerator enables fast and efficient authentication and encryption while the CPU is processing application tasks. The low-power mode with hold function enables fast wake-up from sleep and greatly reduces energy consumption during task execution. For smooth and smooth development, the CC2538xFnn includes a powerful debug system and a comprehensive drive library. To reduce the size of the application's flash package, the CC2538xFnn ROM includes a utility library and a serial boot loader.

Details: CC2538: A scalable platform for cost-effective, low-power 6LoWPAN solutions

2.CC2592: 2.4GHZ RF Range Extender

The CC2592 device is a cost-effective, high-performance RF front-end for low-power and low-voltage 2.4GHz wireless applications. The CC2592 device is a range extender for all of Texas Instruments' (TI) CC25XX 2.4GHz low power RF transceivers, transmitters, and system-on-chip products. To increase the link budget, the CC2592 device provides a power amplifier that increases output power and an LNA with low noise figure to improve receiver sensitivity. The CC2592 device offers a very small, high output power RF design in a 4mm x 4mm quad flat no-lead (QFN)-16 package. The CC2592 device includes the PA, LNA, switches, RF matching and baluns required for simple design of high performance wireless applications.

Details: CC2592: 2.4GHZ RF Range Extender

3.CC1180: 6LoWAPN network processor below 1GHz

The CC1180 is a cost-effective, low-power, 6LoWPAN network processor below 1GHz that implements the functionality of 6LoWPAN with minimal development cost.

Thanks to the great flexibility in the choice of microprocessors, the CC1180 makes it easy to add 6LoWPAN functionality to new or existing products at the same time. How to use the Sensinode NanoStack 2.0 protocol stack is described in the user guide SWRU298. The CC1180 is connected to almost all microprocessors via the UART interface. For example, the CC1180 can be used in conjunction with the MSP430.

Details: CC1180: 6LoWAPN network processor below 1GHz

4.CC1200: Low Power High Performance RF Transceiver

The CC1200 is a fully integrated, single-chip radio transceiver designed to deliver high performance in extremely low power and low voltage operation in cost-effective wireless systems. All filters are integrated, eliminating the need for expensive external surface acoustic wave (SAW) and intermediate frequency (IF) filters. The device is primarily used for ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) applications and SRD (Short Range Devices) bands in the 164-192MHz, 410-480MHz, and 820-960MHz bands.

Details: CC1200: Low Power High Performance RF Transceiver

5.CC1120: Ultra Low Power Transceiver for Narrowband Systems

Functional block diagram

Functional block diagram

Details: CC1120: Ultra Low Power Transceiver for Narrowband Systems

6.CC1190: 850 - 950MHz RF front end

Functional block diagram

850 - 950MHz RF Front End Functional Block Diagram

Details: CC1190: 850 - 950MHz RF front end

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