[Analysis] Uncovering the mystery of artificial intelligence from smart applications

In 2016, the concept of artificial intelligence has become very popular and has become a profound "remarkable learning" in the field of science and technology. People have been thinking about where to go in the future of artificial intelligence. For now, what we can see is that artificial intelligence is more applied to smart terminals, automobiles, and robots, and it may be applied in more fields in the future. Where artificial intelligence will go, we will wait and see.

At the beginning of this year, the famous man-machine war “Alpha Go vs. Li Shishi” detonated the whole society, making people only begin to pay attention to the “new species” of artificial intelligence. For a time, artificial intelligence became a hot topic on the streets. So, what is artificial intelligence, how does it have its charm, what areas does it apply to, and how does it affect our lives?

Exporting "artificial intelligence"

Since 2011, smart phones have become popular and people seem to find another new continent outside the PC. Nowadays, people can't live without a smart phone and they can't live without this smart mobile lifestyle. All kinds of APPs, information, and videos are overwhelming. Gradually, people are no longer satisfied with the frequent text input when they look for information. This leads to the function of voice input, which also means artificial intelligence on mobile phones. Application started.

At first, people only solved the problem of no longer typing text. With the continuous advancement of technology, today, voice input has evolved into intelligent voice, and people are pursuing an intelligent voice system that can interact.

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