Design of Information Acquisition and Transmission System Based on Embedded Image

1 Introduction

Family security is a problem that has been plaguing people for a long time. At present, the rise of "smart home" can not only solve this problem, but also improve people's quality of life. But its high cost is unaffordable for most people. This article proposes a simple, low-cost, dedicated home security system to meet the needs of consumers.

2. System hardware circuit structure design

As shown in Figure 1, the hardware circuit consists of an embedded core board and peripherals. The core board processor is Samsung S3C2440, running main frequency 400MHz, and the storage unit is composed of 8M&TImes; 16Bit K9F2808UOC NAND FLASH and 4M&TImes; 16Bit HY57V641620HG SDRAM memory chip. The peripheral device is composed of a shading photoelectric sensor, an image capturing camera module and a GPRS (General Wireless Packet Service) module.

3. Each module function

3.1 shading photoelectric sensor and image acquisition

As shown in FIG. 2, the photoelectric sensor is composed of an illuminator and a receiver. The infrared light emitted by the illuminator is aligned with the receiver. When a target blocks the light, the output of the receiver changes, and a rising edge trigger signal is generated.

The signal is sent directly to the camera, and the image acquisition is initiated and sent to the embedded processor via the USB port. The shading photoelectric sensor has high efficiency and wide detection range.

3.2 Embedded Processor Module

After the processor S3C2440 completes the system initialization, when the digital image data of the camera is received abnormally in the room, it is compressed into the JPEG format image data stream supported by the MMS, and is MMS packaged and transmitted through the MMS channel [2]. The ARM processor passes the AT. The instruction sends the encapsulated image data to the GPRS module and activates the indoor alarm buzzer.

3.3 GPRS communication module

The MC35i GPRS module manufactured by Siemens is used, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight and low power consumption, and has relatively high stability and cost performance. The MC35i module has three data transmission modes: GPRS, USSD and CSD, and supports voice, SMS and FAX functions. Its theoretical transmission rate is as high as 171.2 kb/s, and it has the characteristics of small communication transmission delay. The GPRS module sends the image data to the designated user via the mobile network to realize real-time monitoring of home security.

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