Jiangmen 6 batch of lamps did not reach the national standard involving Kawasaki LED ceiling lights, etc.

Recently, the Consumer Council of Jiangmen City released a comparative test report on energy-saving lamps and washing products in 2014. The staff randomly purchased 10 batches of energy-saving lamps and 10 batches of LED lamps in major shopping malls and supermarkets in the urban area.

The results show that there are 6 samples whose test results have not met the national standards, all of which are LED lights and energy-saving lamps. The main problems include unqualified product marks, unqualified protective indicators for accidental contact with live parts, unacceptable mechanical strength, and interchangeability. Unqualified, large lamp power deviation, initial light effect/light flux failure, unqualified color characteristics, unacceptable harmonic content, unsatisfactory insulation resistance and dielectric strength after moisture treatment, heat resistance, fire resistance and resistance test Qualified, etc. The brands involved are Kawasaki LED Ceiling Light, Baocheng Xin Brand Bulb, Dibangqi 26W Energy Saving Lamp, Baocheng Xin LED Bulb, RUIFU 7W Energy Saving Lamp, etc.

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