The contribution of LED substrate products is not great. He Shentang will develop upstream raw materials.

In recent years, Heshentang has actively deployed LED ceramic heat-dissipating substrate products. This year, with the LED lighting market shining, the company had the opportunity to begin to enjoy the fruits of the long-term layout. However, on June 5, the company said that due to the rapid changes in the LED market, the company will adjust its operating strategy. This year's related products will not contribute much to the performance. In the future, LED products will also tend to develop upstream materials.

At present, the high-pressure MLCC is still the main product of Heshentang, accounting for 30% of the revenue. After purchasing Hitachi tantalum capacitors and tantalum capacitors in the previous two years, the proportion of self-made passive components has increased. Up to 34%.

In the past, the development of LED ceramic substrates by Heshentang was purchased from the substrate and sold after processing. In the future, the process and technology of powder and metal powder will be further advanced.

He Shentang believes that Taiwanese manufacturers have been serving as mid-stream component suppliers and continue to develop in the field of holding, but the more they become bigger, the more intense the competition. Therefore, the future of Heshentang in the passive components or LED industry will not only focus on the supply of components, but also upstream.

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