Accumulates new 40V three-channel constant current LED driver

Accumulation Technology recently introduced the new 40V built-in PWM function of the three-channel constant current LED driver - MBI6030 for popular LED architectural lighting applications. The MBI6030 can serially connect more than 250 RGB LED pixels when the distance between two RGB LED pixels is 2 meters. Furthermore, the MBI6030 is still capable of representing a 16-bit grayscale effect at a low clock frequency of 4 MHz. The MBI6030's two main features support longer transmission distances and allow RGB LED pixels to achieve rich color vision at low clock frequencies; therefore, MBI6030 is especially suitable for LED architectural lighting, LED curtain lights, LED strips. , LED signage advertising characters, LED neon lights and other applications.

In terms of transmission capability, the accumulation design creates an innovative two-wire transmission interface through the transmission principle of token passing, and the MBI6030 automatically transmits and accurately transmits image data to each LED driver through this transmission mode. In addition, the MBI6030 provides clock recovery to ensure signal integrity after long distance transmission.

For color performance, MBI6030 uses the unique S-PWM technology to provide two grayscale modes: one is 16-bit grayscale mode; the other is 10-bit grayscale and 6-site correction mode. Both modes provide more detailed grayscale performance, while the latter mode reduces the bandwidth of data transmission in the same grayscale performance.

The MBI6030 supports a constant current output range of 5mA to 150mA per channel and a withstand voltage of up to 40V. Furthermore, the MBI6030 allows a wide input voltage range of 7V to 30V to support 12V and 24V power systems. In addition, the MBI6030 also has a built-in voltage regulator to support the 5V power system.

Bi Directions Thyristor (Triac) is equivalent to the antiparallel connection of two unidirectional thyristors, but only one control pole.
Bidirectional thyristors are made of N-P-N-P-N five-layer semiconductor materials, and three electrodes are also derived from the outside. Its structure is shown in the figure. Bi-directional thyristor volt-ampere characteristic curve Since the forward and reverse characteristics of the bidirectional thyristor are symmetrical, it can be turned on in any direction and is an ideal AC switching device.

Bi Directions Thyristor (Triac)

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