The Winter Games will end the government investment landscape lighting for permanent preservation

This winter, the night in Harbin is particularly beautiful, the torch of the Great Winter Games is lit here, and the whole city is also lit up. On the night of the ice city, you will feel the splendour of Harbin in the building illuminated by the golden spotlights; in the night of the ice city, you will feel the spring atmosphere in the ice and snow in the green hanging lights of the street; the night of the ice city, You will feel the beauty of Harbin's flow in the five-color flashing lights.

The big winter party is coming, let the night lights of Harbin flash; the big winter will go, and the public hopes that the beauty of Harbin night will last forever. On the night of February 25th, the reporter came to the streets, squares and courtyards of Harbin to share the beautiful night view of Harbin with the citizens, drivers and tourists.

[Watch] The ice city is full of brilliance

Lens 1: Street light

The large scissors-type bridge stretched out in the night, and the street lamps on both sides illuminate the road bridge. Even the silent Songhua River surface has a golden brilliance. At the same time, more than 50 main roads in Harbin are equipped with colorful lighting, a European-style building, which is more simple and elegant in the light.

Lens 2: Spring is full of

In the 霁Hongqiao turntable, a huge white pearl lamp gives off a dazzling brilliance. The pearl consists of 4,000 light sources, each of which has a length of 2,500 meters. Sanhuayuan and Xinyang Guangzhan Tongjiang Square are nowhere to be seen. Green hanging lights are installed in the green belts of Zhaolin Street, Antarctic Street and Jingwei Street, just like the trees are covered with a layer of new green leaves, making the ice city spring.

Lens 3: Dynamic lighting

There is a landmark building in Hongbo Square, the landscape is called "The Light of the City." The landscape has been dynamically regulated to form a dynamic and static lighting landscape that shines like a flowing landscape. In front of the 8th District Gymnasium in the venue of the Great Winter Games, several small pine trees were also equipped with dynamic lighting, and the blue and white lights were like waves.

Shot 4: Golden Street

Walking on the central street, the first feeling is golden: the top and walls of the entire street are reflected in golden yellow lights, whether white, gray or pale green, in golden yellow Under the illumination of the spotlights, they are all brilliant. Therefore, this street in the golden section of Harbin really became a golden street.

[Feeling] Beautiful night view is not enough

At 19 o'clock on February 25, on the Antarctic Street, 65-year-old retired old man Li Yuanxiang looked and walked. The old man said that his family lived on this street. When he was young, he took this road and walked on this road after retirement. The old man said: Now the Antarctic Street is lit up as a whole. The tree is still hung with stars, and it is like a leaf. It seems that spring has come, and people don’t see enough. I have been on this road for nearly 30 years. Sometimes I can't believe that the night in front of my house is so beautiful. I really hope that this beauty will continue.

At 20 o'clock, the taxi driver Li Baozhen, who runs on Hongqi Street, said: Our taxi drivers are operating all day on the streets of Harbin. The most worrying thing is that the road is not good. The street in Harbin is particularly beautiful during the Great Winter Games. At the same time, the lighting also illuminates the road surface. We have a good view of driving and a very good mood. The road at night in Harbin can always be so bright.

At 20:30, Li Xin, a tourist from Hunan, had to take photos before going to a building. Li Xin said: I have heard that the architecture of Harbin is very special. Today, it is really worthy of a name. The golden spotlights shine on the top of the building, giving a feeling of grandeur, just as the entire building is made of gold, and the night view of Harbin is so beautiful.

[Continuation] Lighting makes the ice city beautiful to continue

After the Winter Games, the night in Harbin should continue to be beautiful. This is a common desire of the citizens and tourists during the interview. The reporter interviewed Fu Jie, deputy director of the Lighting Department of Harbin Comprehensive Rehabilitation Office, which is responsible for the lighting of the Winter Games. The answer is: Harbin's beautiful night scene to stay, not only to stay in the memory of Harbin people, but also to stay in the eyes of Harbin people and around.

It is understood that during the Great Winter Games, the Harbin Comprehensive Improvement Office has arranged lighting on more than 50 main roads such as Changjiang Road and Zhongshan Road, and added lighting to 534 buildings and 20 bridges. From 17:00 to 23:00 daily, these lights made the whole Harbin bright.

Fu Jie said that during the Great Winter Games, the lights are generally divided into fixed lighting, temporary hanging lights, business lighting and lighting products. The spotlights and new lighting ornaments on the fixed buildings are invested and built by the Harbin Municipal Government. It will be permanent. Saved, after the Great Winter Games, they will still exist on the buildings and bridges in Harbin and continue to contribute to the beautification of the city. Taking into account the reasons for energy saving, these lights will be fully opened on the weekend of the weekend, so that Harbin people can feel the atmosphere during the Winter Games on every weekend.

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