LED electronic screen inquiry procurement

Title: LED Electronic Screen Inquiry Purchase Tender No.: HAZC2009030175 Announcement Date: March 6, 2009 Deadline: March 10, 2009 Tendering Agency: Province: Jiangsu Province - Huai'an City Content: Project Name Quantity Purchasing Goods Brand Whether the model and its related configuration respond to the unit price of the total price of the electronic screen 1 set 1. Display structure: module box combined full color VGA synchronous video display
2. Display size: width 2.928* height 1.586=4.643 m2
3. Display resolution: 384 points * 208 points = 79872
4. Function: It can display any content that can be displayed on the computer such as TV, DVD, animation, etc. It has many editing functions such as manual, automatic adjustment and multi-screen division.
(Specific Annex)
Total offer (RMB capital)
Quotes (please quote the person must read carefully):
1. The quoting person participating in this government procurement activity shall have the conditions stipulated in Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law and registered and audited by the supplier in our center. The supplier who has not been registered or audited by our center must be before the quotation deadline. One day, I will register and review the Planning Division of our center. Address: Room 502, 5th Floor, Huai'an Tendering and Bidding Trading Center, No. 16 Shenzhen Road, Huai'an Economic Development Zone.
2, the quotation form submission deadline: March 10, 2009 at 9:40 am (Beijing time), after the deadline, the procurement center will reject the quotation of the quotation.
3. Quotation time: March 10, 2009 at 9:40 am (Beijing time)
Special reminder: Before the deadline for quotation, each quotation person should visit the website of our center to view the purchase information continuously. If there is any correction or modification of the purchase information, and the quotation person fails to visit the website continuously, the responsibilities of the quotation person shall be borne by the quotation person.
4. Place of submission of the quotation form: 5th floor of the bidding and trading center of Huai'an City, No. 16 Shenzhen Road, Huai'an Economic Development Zone.
5, this quotation form, please ask each quotation person to seal with an envelope and stamp the official seal of the unit at the seal.
6. The goods provided by the quotation must be brand new, unused original qualified products, and the imported products must pass formal and legal channels.
7. Each quotation party must pay 10,000 yuan inquiry guarantee deposit to Huai'an Municipal Government Procurement Center before quotation. (Margin payment method: You must bring cash or transfer check and the bank's balance confirmation letter issued by the bank at the time of quotation.)
8. All prices of the above goods shall be expressed in RMB and the unit amount shall be expressed. The price quoted by the bidder shall include all costs such as transportation, insurance, commissioning, installation, taxation and after-sales service.
9. Attach the above market price of the goods. (please quote the person to fill in)
10. According to the purchaser's request, the dealer must supply and install the goods within 20 days after the contract is signed.
11. The results of this inquiry will be announced on the Huai'an government procurement network for one day. The announcement will be undoubtedly within one day (excluding holidays). The supplier must sign a contract with the purchaser and be valid after being witnessed by the municipal procurement center. Within the contract with the purchaser, the procurement center will impose corresponding penalties.
12. If the supplier fails to provide the goods according to the above requirements, the procurement center will impose corresponding penalties on them, and the bidders are advised to consider them carefully.
13. Purchasing requirements:
1. The registered capital of the bidder must reach RMB 1 million and above.
2. The quotation must have independent installation and after-sales service capabilities.
3. The screen of the brand quoted by the bidder must have 3C certification.
4. When the quotation person quotes, the screen body 3C certification certificate of the brand must be provided (the copy is stamped with the official seal and the original is available for reference).
5. If the quotation person is an agent, the quotation must provide the original after-sales service certificate authorized by the original manufacturer of the reported brand.

Signature of the quotation (must be stamped):
Quotation unit contact (required):
Contact number (required):
Company address (required):
Time: 2009, the date of the month:
(1) LED tube composition
(1) Schematic diagram

Structure description: 1 red, 1 pure green, 1 pure blue, and 3 LED light-emitting tubes are used in each pixel.
(2) Professional analysis serial number analysis project professional analysis content
1 Color matching analysis In order to achieve the best white balance effect of color matching, color matching has strict requirements on the brightness of LED light emission, and the color matching ratio of each color brightness is R:G:B/3:6:1.

(2) Module specifications
No Item parameters / Specifications
1 physical point spacing 7.62mm
2 density 17200 points / m2
3 luminous point color full color
4 LED specifications 1R1G1B (546)
5 module size 244mm*122mm
6 module resolution 32 points * 16 points
7 driving voltage DC5V
8 module rated power 35W

(3) Screen specifications
No project technical parameters
1 screen pixel total 384 points * 208 points = 79872
2 screen display area width 2.928* height 1.586=4.643 m2
3 LED drive / scan mode 1/4 scan
4 best line of sight 7M
5 gray level red, green, blue each 4096 levels
6 brightness ≥ 6000cd
7 viewing angle level 110o / vertical 60o
8 frame change frequency 60HZ
9 refresh frequency ≥300HZ
10 Maximum power consumption ≤1300W/m2
11 average power consumption 500W/m2
12 screen life ≥ 100,000 hours
13 Blind Point Company Name: Huai'an Tendering and Bidding Trading Center Contact: Tel: 0517-83638015 E-mail: Fax: Postal Code: Address: 502, 5th Floor, Huai'an Bidding and Trading Center, No. 16 Shenzhen Road, Huai'an Economic Development Zone room

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