Application Design of FH8735 on Audio and Video Compression Card

1 Introduction

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With the standardization of video surveillance products, the ASIC solution has gradually revealed its advantages in terms of cost and stability, and the FH8735 chip has been launched in time for the audio and video compression card market. The FH8735 can support real-time encoding of two 720P30 HD or 8-way D1 or 16-channel CIF, which greatly improves the integration of the compression card, reduces the cost, and further reduces the development threshold of the hard-pressed card.

2 FH8735 H.264 compression chip introduction

The FH8735 is a high-performance H.264 compression chip that supports H.264 Main PROFILE and Baseline PROFILE video compression formats. It can perform eight-way clearing or two-way 720p HD real-time compression encoding and multi-channel audio encoding. At the same time of encoding, the audio and video synchronization is completed, and the ES/PES/PS/TS is output.

In addition to high-performance video encoding capabilities, the FH8735 offers a wealth of video pre-processing features such as de-interlace, de-noise, OSD overlay, zoom, motion detection and more.

The video input interface of the FH8735 can receive 8 standard BT.656 at the same time. You can also configure the video input interface as a 2-way HD video input interface as needed. The FH8735 can receive digital video from CMOS/CCD modules, video decoders, LVDS receivers, and HDMI receivers. In addition, the FH8735 can directly receive enhanced 656 video from the TW2815/TW2816 output.

The FH8735 can receive eight stereo audio inputs simultaneously. It can also be configured as 16 mono audio inputs depending on the needs of the application.

To configure an external video and audio receiver chip, the FH8735 provides two fully independent standard I2C interfaces to cope with possible external device I2C address conflicts.

Typical applications for the FH8735 include video conferencing systems, security surveillance, and other areas that require high resolution or multi-channel video coding.

The system block diagram of the FH8735 is shown below:

System block diagram of the FH8735

Figure 1 System block diagram of the FH8735

Compared with other chips of the same type, the main technical advantages of FH8735 are as follows:

1) Super compression coding performance

The H.264 encoding of the FH8735 is implemented in pure hardware and features high encoding capability, high encoding quality, and low power consumption. The FH8735 supports dual stream and encodes up to 8D1+8CIF real-time encoding:

200fps D1+ 200fpsCIF @PAL

240fps D1+ 240fpsCIF @NTSC

The comparison of typical video coding shows that the FH8735 is close to the video coding quality of JM11.0 at the same code rate.

2) Video processing function for video surveillance

To meet the special functional requirements of digital video surveillance, the FH8735 offers flexible video encoding options and dedicated digital video processing. The encoding parameters such as resolution, code stream, and frame structure can be modified while encoding. In the compression process, key frame output, frame rate, quantization coefficient, resolution, code stream, and frame structure can be forced without stopping and starting compression coding. In addition, FH8735 supports de-interlacing, de-noising, multiple text and graphics OSD overlay, image reduction, motion detection and other image processing functions. It also supports capturing the lossless original video signal for the host. Some intelligent analysis and processing such as license plate recognition, face recognition and so on.

The FH8735 has two independent DDR controllers that can be connected to two external DDR SDRAMs. One or two sets of external DDR SDRAMs are configured according to the actual system requirements for encoder performance.

3) Patent rate control technology

FH8735 provides four rate control strategies: QP: quantization parameter, constant bit rate (CBR), variable bit rate (VBR: Variable Bit Rate) and average bit rate (ABR: Average Bit) Rate). Each algorithm has been carefully optimized to adaptively detect and judge the video scene in advance, so as to ensure the subjective quality of the video while making the output rate of the encoder smooth and stable, ensuring the efficiency and stability of network transmission. In particular, the ABR algorithm has obtained a national patent certification for its innovative and practical algorithms. 3 FH8735 based audio and video compression card solution

In order to speed up the customer's pre-assessment and development needs, FX provides an 8-channel D1, 16-channel CIF full-real-time and 16-channel D1 non-real-time audio and video compression card reference design based on FH8735. The compression card supports up to 16 channels of audio and 16 channels of video input, which can complete audio and video capture, H.264 encoding, and send to the host through the PCI interface. The system diagram based on the FH8735 audio and video compression card reference design is as follows:

System diagram of audio and video compression card

Figure 2 System diagram of audio and video compression card

The FH8735 audio and video compression card is shown in the figure below:

FH8735 audio and video compression card

Figure 3 FH8735 audio and video compression card

The reference design includes FH8735's Firmware, Windows XP/win 7 and Linux drivers, Windows/Linux SDK and demo program, and can be modified to suit the customization of the user-specific application.

The Windows/Linux SDK implements the FH8735's front video input type configuration, encoding parameter settings, OSD text overlay, OSD graphics overlay, motion detection, area masking, and preview YUV data acquisition.

Compared with mainstream DSP solutions and ASIC solutions, the main features and advantages of the solution are as follows:

1) High cost performance

The FH8735 can perform 8-channel D1, 16-channel CIF full-real-time and 16-channel D1 non-real-time boards on a single chip. Compared with other DSP and ASIC solutions, it has obvious cost performance advantages.

2) Short development cycle

The software and hardware design of the solution is simple. The software is completely completed by hardware due to the complicated video and audio coding, and has a stable driver and SDK. The customer completes the customized application based on the driver and SDK. Therefore, the development cycle can be shortened and quickly introduced to the market.

4 Conclusion

The FH8735 has a single-chip 8-way full D1 H.264 real-time encoding capability and provides video processing for video surveillance. It can significantly improve customer product performance and reduce development time. It is the most competitive new generation in the surveillance market. Cost-effective video and audio hard compression board solution. The FH8735 H.264 compression board solution will further expand and expand the hard compression card market.

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