LED illuminates everything: achieves luminous efficiency and high ease of use above 200lmW

In order to achieve luminous efficiency of 200 lm/W or more, white LEDs are continuously being improved. However, the features that white LEDs must have are not just luminous efficiencies. In the process of popularization of white LEDs, there are more and more factors that can open the difference, such as temperature stability and color rendering index.

The luminous efficiency is steadily increasing at an average annual rate of 15%, and will soon reach 200 lm/W... How long will the white LED luminous efficiency increase and to what extent?

In fact, the luminous efficiency at the R&D level is almost at its limit (Figure 1). It is considered that a white LED such as a blue LED and a yellow fluorescent material capable of obtaining the highest luminous efficiency is used in combination, and the limit is about 260 lm/W. At present, it has exceeded 200 lm/W at the research and development level, and there is little room for growth. “There is no doubt that the speed of efficiency through technological innovation will be slower and slower” ( Osram Japan). Many people believe that before 2020, the luminous efficiency of white LEDs will reach its peak. However, a few years later, the luminous efficiency of white LED products is still an indispensable indicator of the strength of LED manufacturers. Because the luminous efficiency of existing products is nearly twice the difference compared with the limit.

Figure 1: The luminous efficiency limit of reaching the ultimate white LED is considered to be around 260 lm/W.

It should be noted that while the use of white LEDs continues to expand, the "light-emitting efficiency supremacy" situation is gradually disintegrating. The level of luminous efficiency reflects the level of energy use efficiency, and is also an important indicator for reducing the unit price per unit of brightness (yen/lm). However, in the case where white LEDs are widely used in various applications, it is impossible to judge whether the requirements of white LED users such as product manufacturers can be met by the luminous efficiency alone. In the future, this tendency will be further enhanced.

In this case, LED manufacturers will accelerate the development of other features of white LEDs while developing technologies that can achieve luminous efficiencies of 200 lm/W or more. Let's take a look at the latest developments in white LED development.

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