DeHao Runda's unsuccessful earnings will terminate the equity incentive plan

[High-tech LED News] Dehao Runda (002005) announced that it will terminate the equity incentive plan this year. Dehao Runda explained that the company has introduced the development of LED industry projects in Wuhu, Yangzhou and Dalian. A group of LED industry technology, sales, management talents, and with the development of the company's business, it is necessary to continuously introduce some high-end technology and management talents. The company's equity incentive plan (draft) does not reserve the design of stock options, and can not meet the needs of the company's rapid expansion of talent incentives, so it will give up equity incentives.

It is understood that Dehao Runda announced on March 22, 2011 that it plans to grant 13.5 million stock options to a total of 74 incentives including 4 executives and 70 technical and business backbones. The exercise price is 19.79. Yuan/share. However, the company's stock price has been quite sluggish this year. The stock has reached a maximum of 19.99 yuan, and the company's closing price on June 14 was only 15.76 yuan.

According to market analysis, listed companies launch equity incentive plans, which are generally when the company develops better. At this time, the listed company's senior management is more confident about the company's own development and has more confidence in smooth execution. However, the market and business environment are changing rapidly. The stock market declines and the operating environment deteriorates, resulting in the company's profitability failing to meet the standard. The market price is lower or slightly higher than the exercise price, so the equity incentive has to be terminated.

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