Two major factions of domestic enterprises staged a battle for 3D TV market

South Korean panel maker LG Display released the latest product, "No Flash 3D Hard Screen", and its CEO Quan Yingshou said at the press conference that the shutter-type 3D TV will soon exit the market, and the non-flash 3D will account for 70% - 80% market share. “LG Display has packaged the polarized 3D into a 'no flash 3D', which is aimed at the shortcomings of the shutter-type 3D TV.

1.  Display, touch screen, PC system integration slim design 

2.  Using the projected capacitive screen, supports 10 point touch, handwriting and multi-point gesture;;

3.  Pure flat , Aluminum alloy + sheet metal structure ;

4. Flexible configuration, with many options of different RAM/SSD/HDD, supports OS of Android/windows/Linux etc.

5.  High safety; Stable performance:

6.  Simple installation for embedded/desktop/wall mounting

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