Look at how 10,000 hours of LED street light without light decay is practiced

Previously, some media reported that an LED street light of Beijing Green Times Technology continued to illuminate 6000 hours without light decay. Today, the reporter saw this street light with his own eyes, but this time the reporter also saw the National Electric Light Source Testing Center (Beijing). According to the report, the test data shows that the light fade of the street lamp after 10,000 hours of continuous illumination is still small and almost negligible.

The current LED streetlight industry should say that some companies' products have done a good job in terms of longevity, light efficiency and light quality, but there are not many reports that the authoritative testing organizations continue to conduct life tests and produce reports. In the "Technical Specifications for LED Road Lighting Products" formulated by the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance, the luminous flux maintenance rate of LED road lighting products is only 3,000 hours and not less than 96%. The LED street light of Beijing Green Age can achieve 10,000 hours of light decay, which is almost zero. It should be said that it has its own unique features. Let's explore this street light below.

First, the appearance

This street light is different from the appearance of many LED street lights that you usually see, that is, since the ugly heat sink is hidden, the overall appearance of the lamp is similar to that of a high-pressure sodium lamp or other light source, but there is no positive back on the lamp housing. Completely enclosed, with a lot of hollowing out, the overall appearance of the luminaire looks beautiful and fully ensures heat dissipation. And this 120-watt LED street light plus power controller, the quality is only about 10kg, should be relatively light in the same specification products.

For the construction of each part, the modularity of this LED street light is more thorough. The light source, power supply, driver and heat sink are designed as independent modular structures that can be installed and disassembled. They are connected by screws or plugs, which means that a certain component is broken. It is only necessary to unplug or unscrew a few screws. Replace, do not have to remove the entire lamp. Moreover, these components can be transplanted to various types of sodium lamps that are currently used in large quantities, but the lamp housing needs to be simply processed and modified.

Second, heat dissipation

The radiator of this street lamp uses traditional aluminum heat dissipation, but each fin is hollow compared with the fins of common structure. This structure further increases the heat dissipation area and improves the heat sink to some extent. Cooling efficiency. In addition, a layer of heat-dissipating paint is sprayed on the surface of the heat-dissipating surface. This heat-dissipating coating not only has obtained the national patent authorization, but also can be said to be a magic weapon for the company's products to be surprisingly successful. According to reports, the coating is sprayed on the surface of the heat sink, so that the heat dissipation performance of the heat sink can be increased by 30% on the original basis, and the oxidation of the aluminum heat sink is prevented. In addition, the hollowed out structure on the front and back of the luminaire housing as described above also contributes to heat dissipation. This is also used in the heat dissipation of the lamps, and it has been patented and authorized to become a unique secret of the company. According to the company's technical person in charge, after the two patented heat dissipation technologies are applied to LED street lamps, the operating temperature of the LED street lamps in the actual outdoor use environment is constant below 45 °C, thus solving the problem that the excessive temperature affects the LED road light decay and life. The problem lays the foundation for the use of high-power LED street lights for 10,000 hours without light decay.

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