Beijing Haidian District will count solar street lights

In response to the shortening of solar street lighting time in Zhixin Community of Haidian, on November 12, Haidian District Municipal Management Committee staff revealed that the old districts in Beijing's environmental remediation may choose such street lights. The staff of the Beijing Municipal Administration Committee said that they will learn more about the situation.

Switching to ordinary street lamps and electricity costs becomes a difficult point

On November 12th, the staff of the Environmental Section of the Municipal Administrative Committee of Haidian District said that the installation of the streetlight in Haidian District is not limited to the College Road, but the number of installations is the largest. At present, the first case is reflected in the lack of street lighting. The district will count the number, distribution and specific costs of street lamps installed in the relevant streets, and whether the same problem exists in the field visit.

The staff member said after contacting the College Road, fortunately, the previous ordinary street lamp system was reserved, and the two-wire parallel method of electricity and solar energy was prepared to solve the lighting. The solar street light was lit every night, and the ordinary street lamp was used to continue the illumination after the power was off.

The staff of the College Road and Urban Management Department said that at present, if the old community wants to change back to the ordinary street lights, the main problem is who will pay for the electricity bill. The property company has been slow to respond to the electricity bill. The Street Office is coordinating the relevant departments and applying for electricity charges from the financial allocation.

Retirement project of the old community in the city

The environmental department staff of Haidian District Municipal Management Committee said that the solar street lamp project belongs to the lighting project in the environmental remediation of the old residential districts in Beijing, not only involving Haidian District. The project has been implemented in various districts and counties in Beijing since 2007. All streets can choose whether to install solar street lights, but the funding and installation methods are set by the city and the city is unified.

The staff of the Beijing Municipal Administration Committee said that the renovation of the old community involves about 300 communities in Beijing, and will know the situation of the project. Which districts have installed solar street lights, and whether there is insufficient lighting in use.

100,000 Xenon lights in the new countryside have not been affected

According to the implementation and planning of the new rural construction project in 2007 and 2008 announced by the Beijing Municipal Government, the rural suburbs of Beijing set up 33,000 solar street lamps in 2007.

The staff of the Village and Town Construction Office of the Beijing Rural Work Committee, who is in charge of the project, said that the solar streetlights in the new countryside have been installed in the rural areas of the districts and counties to about 100,000 baht. At present, residents in each installation area have a good response, indicating that travel is convenient.

He said that there are fewer people in the suburbs, houses are sparse, street lights can guarantee long-term illumination, and there is almost no shadow shading.

Analysis: Solar street lights are more suitable for remote suburbs

The staff of the Beijing Rural Work Committee said that the cost of solar street lamps is not lower than that of ordinary street lamps. After a one-time investment, the lead storage batteries need to be replaced every 4 to 6 years, so the overall cost is calculated.

Solar street lights are more suitable for use in remote suburbs. They do not require transmission lines, are flexible to install, and are environmentally friendly. Comprehensive calculations are more cost-effective than ordinary street lamps. The use of solar street lights in urban areas with perfect transmission lines faces the problem of architectural shadows and the economics.

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