Delta Electric Sea handsome

Delta Electric Sea handsome

Haida, chairman of Delta Electronics, said that Delta's LED lighting will combine the advantages of power management, heat dissipation, DATA Center, and Netcom products to develop smart lighting products. Currently, LED street lighting intelligent lighting systems have been developed, as long as the government standard specification is included. That is, they will participate in the bidding. With the increasing demand for LED lighting, it is estimated that Delta LED lighting will turn a profit this year.

LED lighting applications take off and the world promotes smart cities. Delta Electronics is also optimistic about LED lighting and smart city business opportunities such as security monitoring, and uses Delta's technological advantages in network communications, Data Center, power management, heat dissipation, and LED lighting. Developed LED DC intelligent lighting power supply solutions and LED street lighting solutions. At present, LED DC intelligent lighting power supply solutions have been installed in the Guangdong region with 4000 miles, which is highly praised by the local government.

Hai handsome said that LED lighting prices fell a lot, so that LED lighting applications to increase temperature, and Delta Electronics in the LED lighting products is toward the development of differentiation, which bulb lamp part, the company mainly ODM OEM, including Japan and Europe Dachang is our customer. In the smart lighting segment, the company has also developed products that integrate multiple functions, including a system that can monitor whether or not the LED street light is functioning at any time. It is possible to know whether the LED street light is operating normally through the computer. The intelligent LED street light system has been developed and it will be ready to ship once the specifications are written by the government's bid.

With the demand for LED lighting to take off, Hai handsomely optimistic about Delta's LED lighting, estimated that LED lighting shipments this year will be much better than last year, this year, Delta's LED lighting will also smoothly turn a profit.

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