What are the lighting design categories?

The lighting design is divided into quantitative design and quality design. The quantitative design is the basis, which is to determine the lighting level and lighting standard (illuminance, glare limit level, color temperature and color rendering) according to the function and activity requirements of the place. Calculation; on this basis, the lighting design also needs quality design, which is based on people's feelings, considering people's vision and the people, uses, architectural styles, and collecting the surrounding environment as much as possible (the environment, Reasonable factors, time periods, and other factors, make reasonable decisions to consider.

Lighting design can be divided into outdoor lighting design and indoor lighting design. Lighting design is also a lighting design. Lighting is a more flexible and interesting design element. It can be a catalyst for the atmosphere. It is the focal point and theme of the studio, and it can also strengthen the layering of the existing decoration. Lighting arrangement can be divided into direct and indirect.

Direct lighting refers to direct light, such as chandeliers and spotlights. Light is scattered directly at a specified position, projecting a circle of light and shadow, for lighting or highlighting the theme, direct and simple.

Indirect lighting creates a unique function in the creation of the atmosphere, creating a different artistic conception. Its light does not shine directly to the ground, but is placed behind the wall, behind the ceiling, or behind the wall. The light is projected onto the wall and reflected to the ground. The soft light seems to gently wash the space. Gentle and romantic.

The proper cooperation of these two lights can create a perfect space concept. Some bright and lively, some soft and meticulous, in order to express the unique personality of the light through the contrast, exudes extraordinary artistic charm.

In the use of home lighting, the bedroom should be warm, the study and kitchen should be bright and practical, the living room should be rich, layered and artistic, the restaurant should be romantic, and the bathroom should be warm and soft. I think this lighting has reached its maximum performance.

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