Jiucheng home lighting is not scientific LED lighting is reliable

Outdoor light pollution is well known, and indoor light pollution is ignored by most people. According to a survey, almost 90% of households pay attention to the appearance, energy efficiency and power of the lamps when selecting lamps. As for the illumination of the lamps, the color temperature and so on, whether the lighting environment can meet the health standards, few people care.

Scientific research has found that any artificial light source produces a subtle light stress. The long-term existence of such light stress will make people, especially infants and young children, behave uneasily and emotionally, resulting in insomnia. In daily life, the overall light source should be avoided, the brightness is not strong, the contrast between light and dark is too strong, the light is colorful, the color temperature is not considered, the fluorescent table lamp is placed on the bedside, and the brightness of the adjustable light source is always adjusted to the maximum. Wrong way to turn on the lights.

How to avoid "light pollution" in home decoration lamps? Lighting experts suggest that on the one hand, we should pay attention to reasonable indoor lighting design, such as paying attention to the color coordination of the lights, avoiding glare, choosing colors that have little impact on the eyes, and avoiding direct light to the human eye; on the other hand, consumers should also upgrade lighting. The concept of design, the purchase of large brands, high-quality lamps, to decorate a healthy and pollution-free living environment. When consumers buy lamps, they should not only consider the illuminance, which is the wattage we often say, but also learn to consider the color temperature.

Light bulbs produced by regular manufacturers will be marked with color temperature on the package. The commonly used color temperature is 2700k, which is the color temperature of ordinary incandescent lamps. It is characterized by warm light but not bright enough. It is suitable for local lighting such as bedroom bedside and wall lamp; 3000k is The color temperature closest to natural light is warm light, the light is warm and bright, suitable for the overall lighting design in the home; 5000k or more is white light, which is a cool color light, which can make people concentrate and is suitable for office, study and other places. In addition, try to choose more environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED products.

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