Small pitch LEDs will usher in a real application outbreak

In the first half of 2014, the overall performance of LED upstream chip companies performed well. Since the second half of 2013, the LED chip market demand has maintained a growth momentum. Since the fourth quarter, the chip price has dropped slightly in three quarters, and the profitability of related companies has rebounded remarkably. Since 2012, the growth rate of the display market has slowed down, and the LED lighting market has gradually improved. Lighting applications have replaced display applications as the driving force for the demand of the chip market.

By looking at the semi-annual report of the industry, it can be foreseen that there are three types of companies whose future performance is expected to continue to rise, and increase profits in the fierce market competition. First of all, the driving effect of LED lighting on the industry will become more and more obvious. The profitability of enterprises that fully benefit from the LED lighting boom is expected to increase. Secondly, the trend of replacing small-screen LED TVs with traditional large-screen wall has been established. In addition, the competition is intensifying, the industry Under the trend of increasing concentration, leading enterprises in the industrial chain will fully benefit from the competition pattern of the larger Evergrande.

In 2014, the demand for LED display market will continue to grow compared with previous years, but the price war is a “destiny” that is difficult to escape. Enterprises will face a more brutal knockout, and finally the industry will be the “leftover”. With the survival of the fittest in the market competition, LED display company PK will not stay at the price, but combine the comprehensive strength of software and hardware.

In the display market in the first half of 2014, the small-pitch HD screen is undoubtedly the mainstream of the market. Several large-scale backbone enterprises in the industry are grabbing this blue ocean market in real time. For a long time, an important reason why LED displays cannot compete with commercial large-screen products represented by liquid crystals is the gap in display performance. With the introduction of high-density small-pitch LED products, this short board has been largely compensated. It is precisely because of this that the LED display began to have a high-profile atmosphere.

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