He Bingyun: Tianjin Lighting has changed with the light for 30 years

After 30 years of reform and opening up, Aladdin Lighting Network launched an article collection campaign to reflect your light and shadow for 30 years with words and pictures, and share your lighting story with you. After the call was issued, Aladdin Lighting received a series of articles from experts and netizens. He Bingyun, executive director and deputy secretary-general of the Tianjin Lighting Society and a hot topic expert of the Aladdin Lighting Network, sent us an article written by her personally. Aladdin Lighting Network, along with Mr. He Bingyun, entered the 30-year history of lighting in Tianjin. .

He Bingyun, executive director and deputy secretary-general of the Tianjin Lighting Society, and expert expert column of Aladdin Lighting Network (enter He teacher blog)

Lifting a kerosene lamp may be just a vague memory for most people. However, I was very impressed with me who had been in the countryside for a decade or so in the countryside. Although urban life was not rich 30 years ago, rural life and the city still have a world of difference. The ten years of my life was the most difficult period in the local area. The entire village was not energized, and there was no bright light. The kerosene lamp at night added a bit of mystery to the country cottage. The women sat on the hot steamed bread, spinning cotton, ramie rope, and the soles of the shoes. They listened to the old people telling the past interesting things. The men rolled their cigarettes and sneaked in leisure. I ate the kerosene lamp every day and went to school to prepare lessons and correct the homework. In lighting, every household is basically a homemade kerosene lamp or a small horse lamp. Lighting fixtures like candles have never been used. The production of simple kerosene lamp is very simple. Use cotton to knead it into a sliver, insert it into a small tube made of iron sheet and make it into a lamp post. Put it in a small bottle filled with kerosene and hang it on the wall or put it on the wall. On the small table, on the edge of the raft, the smog was smoked, the wall was blackened, and the nostrils were uncomfortable. Until the return to the city in 1979, no electricity was used. Since then, I have been deeply aware of the importance of lighting conditions and I love light more.

Ever since Prometheus sowed the fire, light has given mankind unlimited hope! In the long history of the long river, the sun feeds on the earth, and human life is accompanied by light every day. The natural light alternates and controls the human body clock, keeping our life rhythm balanced. Sunlight produces vitamins and many of the so-called unknown nutrients that keep our bodies healthy and healthy. Light stimulates vision, allowing us to see and recognize the surrounding environment and the colorful, colorful world, and get 90% of the outside world information. Bright, warm, active light and invigorating spirit make us psychologically satisfied and happy. When the sun sets and the night falls, people still have a crush on the light brought by daylight.

From ancient times, the sacred people took fire, illuminate the caves, grass sheds, and the high-rise buildings in modern cities. The people never interrupted the search for light in the dark, and walked a long road of light. Humans have always pursued the use of artificial light sources to continue their activities, expand the space of their activities, feel their own five-life life, and create the value of their own lives. Light is a kind of material form, and it is a rich gift from nature to human beings. She not only satisfies the needs of human existence, life, production and development, but also gives great influence on human family life, economic development, technological progress and historical evolution. Promote. Light is a testimony to the development of human history.

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