Taiwan's "Ministry of Economic Affairs" announced the national standard for LED street lights

The Ministry of Economic Affairs announced the national standard for "LED street lighting" on December 4; officials are expected to help the industry to increase its output value. The Energy Bureau has compiled a budget of 130 million yuan for the current year. After the passage of the Legislative Yuan, the secondary roads will be selected for demonstration and promotion.

Under the consideration of environmental protection and energy conservation, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is developing rapidly; governments have also actively formulated environmental protection and energy-saving regulations, and the global LED street lamp shipment scale has continued to grow. According to estimates by the Institute of Industrial Research, the total LED output value of Taiwan in 2008 was as high as 1.942 billion US dollars, and the global market share was 26%, second only to Japan.

According to officials from the Bureau of Standards and Inspection, the national standard for "LED street lighting" emphasizes product safety and sexual energy measurement. The former focuses on avoiding electric smash damage and the wind resistance during typhoon. The latter mainly regulates the distribution of light intensity. The product must ensure that the road surface is evenly illuminated to ensure safe driving.

The Energy Bureau said that it has compiled a budget of NT$130 million for the Republic of China in 1998. After the passage of the Legislative Yuan, it will be applied to all the counties and cities in Taiwan next year, and the local government will apply for at least one minor road with a height of 8 meters or less. Demonstration and promotion, but also verify that high ambient temperature after sunshine exposure affects the heat dissipation of the lamp and damages the life of the product.

The national standard for "LED street lighting" is the first national standard for LED products in Taiwan. Due to the rapid development of the industry, the Standards and Inspection Bureau has also conducted "General Life Test of LED Modules and Modules", "Light-resistance Measurement of Light-Emitting Diodes", "Optical and Electrical Measurements of Light-Emitting Diode Modules", and "Optical and Electrical Modules of Light-Emitting Diode Modules". The four draft national standards, such as the “Sexual Measurement”, are written in a straight line and are scheduled to be officially announced early next year.

Officials said that after the announcement of relevant national standards, it is expected to help the overall output value of the LED industry.

The Energy Bureau pointed out that in addition to the LED streetlight demonstration plan, about half of the existing 700,000 traffic lights in the whole station have been replaced with LED lights; the remaining 344,000 are scheduled to be fully replaced in the Republic of China from 1998 to 100. The funds are 1.85 billion yuan. The Energy Bureau has compiled a budgetary implementation of 240 million yuan in the 1980s.

The Energy Bureau estimates that if the 344,000 traffic signal lights are fully replaced, it will save up to 123 million kWh of electricity per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 86,100 tons.
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