Analysis of China's lighting products import in the past 3 months (Photos)

In December 2008, some of China's lighting companies were in the process of centralized inventory, some were thinking hard, and some were quietly laying out. Aladdin Lighting Network reviewed the production and sales reports of the lighting industry from the General Administration of Customs in August, September and October, and produced charts to provide an image of Chinese lighting companies.
The chart data comes from the Customs Department's national lighting industry customs import value statistics report, including lighting equipment products and lighting products. For details, please refer to the attached information.
A number of lighting products fell back in October after import growth in September

Ballasts for fluorescent and discharge lamps, metal halide lamps (HID lamps), other electric light sources, discharge lamps or discharge tubes: The fluctuations are obvious, September is the peak of the peak, and October is still slightly increased compared to August.

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