Foshan Lighting Liu Xingming: Do not be strong is the crisis

[Hui Cong Lighting Network] In 2008, for the Chinese lighting industry, it can be described as "the autumn of many things", good news and bad news appear, the whole industry is like riding a roller coaster, experiencing the taste of climbing and falling. Recently, Foshan Lighting, which has been relatively silent, has begun to integrate market sales channels and set up operation centers throughout the country to promote the image of the store and set up an operation center to make a series of lightning-fast market moves, which makes the industry people stunned.

As a star enterprise in China's lighting industry, the brand name of “China Light King” at the top of Foshan Lighting has a high brand awareness and reputation. The performance in the stock market has also been sought after by investors. With the development of China's lighting market, Foshan Lighting has been quiet for some time, but its strong scientific research capabilities and manufacturing capabilities have not been weakened, but have been enhanced. Mr. Zhong Xincai, Chairman of Foshan Lighting, said in an interview with the media that Foshan Lighting will adhere to the principle of sound investment and turn bad things into good things under the economic crisis. Nowadays, all the staff of Foshan Lighting are actively participating in the reform of Foshan Lighting's operation center mode, and strive to create more miracles in the economic crisis.

Liu Xingming, general manager of Foshan Lighting, said that 2008 is an integration year for Foshan Lighting, and the entire marketing is constantly transitioning to a modern operating model. Mr. Liu believes that although Foshan Lighting has a large market share in the past, due to the traditional mode of operation, there is always a feeling that power cannot be played out, and the greatest power of the Foshan lighting brand cannot be exerted. Since 2007, Foshan Lighting has begun to change, strengthen the construction of channel terminals, improve the image of terminals, promote the construction of specialty stores, and set up operation centers. According to General Liu, 33 operating centers have been built nationwide, and the promotion of channels and projects in the city has been very smooth.

In the face of the upcoming 2009, Mr. Liu said that the company will continue to improve the operation center model and strengthen the construction of services, channels and technologies. Mr. Liu believes that China's lighting market will still be in a downturn in 2009, but Foshan Lighting needs to seize opportunities in the low valley, integrate various resources, strengthen the rational use of various resources, cultivate excellent operators, and help the operation center to build two. Third-tier market, encourage operators to develop rural market

About the macro economy: we must now strengthen our confidence

Liu Xingming: This economic crisis is far from comparable to the 1997 Asian financial crisis. It is more serious than 1997 and its impact is far-reaching. Of course, the economic crisis has an impact on all industries, and the lighting industry is no exception. However, some products in the lighting industry, such as light sources, belong to the category of daily necessities, and as long as people live, these products will be used. So overall, the impact of the economic crisis on the lighting industry is not that big.

For the Chinese lighting industry, the construction of infrastructure such as large-scale railways will not bring much effect. More importantly, the construction of affordable housing that the government invests heavily will bring opportunities to the lighting industry.

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