Brief Analysis of LED Indoor Energy-saving Lighting Design

LED is called the fourth generation of illumination source. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life and small size. There is no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectrum, no heat, no radiation, small glare, cold light source, safe touch, typical Green lighting source. It is widely used in various equipment indications and displays, and has also made breakthroughs in decoration and backlight applications. Now some countries have made great strides in the LED field, and have achieved good results in the fields of general lighting and urban landscape lighting, public and commercial lighting. In recent years, some developed countries such as Europe and the United States have launched a fierce technical competition around the development of LED. Energy conservation is an important issue facing all mankind in the future. In the field of lighting, the application of LED products is attracting the attention of the world and is the future development trend. LED lighting fixtures have demonstrated many unique advantages, more in line with the "low carbon" and "energy saving" concept, and with the technological advancement and application acceleration of LED, LED lamps have entered the trend of thousands of households, for this new light source The luminaire design will also become the mainstream of the next lighting fixture design.

Research Background

First, the history of lighting design

The lighting of the lamps has brought unprecedented breakthroughs in the development of human beings, which not only frees human beings from the darkness, but also accelerates the speed of human progress and development. With the development and advancement of science and technology, people have become more and more mature in the knowledge of electrical engineering, and various types of lamps have gradually emerged, from the original oil lamps to incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, and now fluorescent lamps, high-pressure mercury. Lamps and metal halide lamps, etc. In short, with the continuous development of the society, the light source used for luminaire lighting is also constantly changing, resulting in the continual development and change of the luminaire design with the innovation of the light source, making people's life more colorful.

After a long period of time, the lighting has developed to today, it not only provides lighting functions for human beings, but also meets people's needs of life. More importantly, people design many beautiful and practical classic lighting products to improve people's lives. Promote the development of economic, social and cultural. With the improvement of the level of technology, it also provides a powerful material and technical guarantee for the design of lamps. In particular, the emergence of LEDs has brought luminaire design into a new world of change. The emergence of LEDs will pose a huge challenge to incandescent and fluorescent lamps and is considered to be the next generation of efficient green lighting sources.

Second, the status quo of LED indoor lighting design

Many domestic and foreign manufacturers are looking at this great opportunity to actively invest in and develop LED lamps in order to gain a place. But LEDs are new sources of light, and they are constantly being updated and developed. People's ability to control this light source has not yet reached the point of perfection, such as color temperature, heat dissipation, cost and other issues, and then the lighting design of this light source is still in the development stage.

1. Domestic status

At present, the prevalence rate of domestic LED indoor lighting fixtures is not very high, but the types of indoor lighting LED lamps are also initially seen, including LED desk lamps, LED ceiling lamps, LED spotlights, LED downlights, and LED chandeliers. The main shipments are LED table lamps and ceiling lamps. Especially for LED desk lamps, there are many designs for this type, and the styles are also quite rich. This resulted in a single type of eye protection lamp, portable small table lamp, and rechargeable table lamp. In terms of price, the price of domestic LED general lighting is relatively cheap compared to foreign brands. Most of them use low-power LEDs. This low-power LED can avoid heat dissipation, but it also brings the LED's luminous efficiency to the normal use of people. Some of the LED lamps with higher power do not deal with the problems of heat dissipation and glare, which will cause the aging of the lamps to accelerate and the body to be uncomfortable. At the same time, the design of LED lamps has no novel ideas, and basically adopts the design features of ordinary lamps. Domestic LED lighting manufacturers mainly focus on the control of lighting costs, but do not pay much attention to the product quality of LED lamps and LED lighting design ideas, blindly pursue the benefits brought by LED lamps, neglecting the LED technology The superior characteristics, no more attention to the design of LED lamps, to a certain extent caused a shoddy, and did not really take advantage of the characteristics of the new LED light source. On the basis of emphasizing the energy saving of LED lamps, the light source of traditional lamps is replaced by LED light sources. The other structures are not changed much, and there is no other innovation in the design of lamps.

2. Foreign status

Compared with domestic LED lamps, foreign LED lamps are more active in exploring the design of LED lamps. Since LED technology is still in development and does not form corresponding technical standards, this brings many uncertain factors to the design of the luminaire. In the past two years, many companies have introduced new LED luminaires. According to the product specifications released, there are still some gaps in the lighting industry's expectations, mainly in terms of price, heat dissipation and color temperature. In terms of service life, each manufacturer did not come up with the attenuation test conclusion of the light source, which is basically the estimated service life. The current temperature rise will have a great impact on the color temperature of white LEDs, so there are devices equipped with heat dissipation in high-power white LED lamps. However, the design of the luminaire has now developed in the direction of aesthetics and practicality. With the continuous development and innovation of LED technology, in the future design of LED luminaires, it is inevitable to get rid of the use of thermal accessories.

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