H.265 standard is getting better or opening up new opportunities for HD video

Previously, the video compression and transmission standard widely adopted by the Internet video industry was the H.264 standard that was introduced in 2003. This standard can achieve 1080p full HD level when the bandwidth is permitted in terms of video quality. With the development of semiconductor technology, after solving the bottleneck of H.265 computing complexity, in ultra-high-definition surveillance applications, just like H.264 replaces MPEG-2 before, H.265 will inevitably replace the current H.264 technology.

H.265 standard is getting better

With the increasing demands of users on the quality of surveillance video, the application of high-definition video in security surveillance is becoming more and more popular, which has brought a sharp rise in storage space and cost. Compared with the H.264 encoding technology currently in use, H.265's high compression ratio feature can save about half of the storage space, thereby significantly reducing the cost of video storage. Compared with H.264, H.265's greatest ability is to reduce the data transmission bandwidth to half of H.264 while maintaining the image quality basically unchanged. At the same time, it also supports a resolution of up to 7680 & TImes; 4320, so even 2160P or higher UHD video can also be encoded in H.265 format.

Due to the limitations of H.264 macroblocks, the load in the video processing process has also greatly increased. In the end, the problem of dealing with high-frequency processing of high-definition has a feeling of being overwhelmed. Compared with H.264, H.265 has improved the macroblock type by a whole level, and upgraded the original module type up to 16X16 to 32X32, 64X64, or even 128X128 macroblocks. Therefore, the number of macro blocks of high-definition digital video is reduced, and the parameter information used to describe the contents of the macro blocks is reduced. At the same time, the size of the shaping transform block is correspondingly enlarged, and the compression efficiency of the device is improved.

In addition, H.265 also uses an updated motion vector test. In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, H.265 has also achieved more breakthroughs in multi-core parallelization work. Under some new technologies such as WPP, it can be more parallel and meet various needs. Under the premise, the compression process can also be realized at high cost and efficiency.

Through the above technical analysis, we found that H.265 has achieved a comprehensive surpass of H.264 in many technologies. No matter in terms of function or performance, H.265's functions hereby have almost covered the improvement of the former, so if viewed from these aspects, the upper position of H.265 is just a matter of time.

However, since the operation of H.265 began in the second half of last year, today's H.265 standard is still in the stage of a concept and research, from the advent to large-scale production, to the popularity of the market is also destined to require a process . And the span of this process, cost and machine performance undoubtedly have a direct impact on the length of this period.

As a new compression standard, the cost of R & D and the selling price as a new product are clearly beyond the control of the user. But for users, they can choose the market based on their own input. And if the price of equipment is too high than the actual cost of technology, then the progress of the market will obviously be significantly affected, and the role of price selection is also destined to be prominent at this time.

In addition to the price effect, the update rate of the device is also related to the popularity of H.265. Judging from the current application situation, in the rapid development of monitoring systems in recent years, H.264 has almost monopolized all markets, and in many cases at work, it has also completed the monitoring tasks required by users. Therefore, in the face of many H.264 devices that have just been configured, if you want to update in a short period of time, I am afraid that for many systems, it is more than a lost transaction. Especially for the market of small and medium users, I am afraid that H.265 will show more redundancy. In this case, the market that H.265 can enter in the initial stage is very limited. In the author's opinion, this may also become an obstacle that H.265 is more difficult to overcome than the price factor when entering the market.

In short, the emergence of H.265 brings new hope to our high-definition surveillance. Although it is only a preliminary conceptual product so far, many areas have been waiting for it. From this perspective, although the current application status is still far away from the popularity of H.265, and the advent of H.265 is also destined to have many bumps waiting for us to rely on more wisdom to solve, but H.265 The dominant position in the future has already become an indisputable fact.

H.265 opens high-definition video or creates new opportunities

A few years ago, the concept of high-definition entered the lives of ordinary people, and digital TV became the main goal of several major TV manufacturers to play high-definition cards. It seemed that every night, a digital TV that could watch high-definition quality became a TV manufacturer ’s goal. The main appeal, but TV manufacturers have deliberately overlooked an important concept, that is, high-definition television is only one of the equipment to watch high-definition channels. Users only buy high-definition televisions, and cannot guarantee to watch high-definition channels. To watch high-definition channels, a high-definition set-top box is also required. Only when using high-definition set-top boxes to watch high-definition channels, high-definition television can come in handy, otherwise, high-definition television is just a decoration in the living room. But it is undeniable that video experience, HD is an absolute development trend.

If the high-definition experience of digital TV depends on the high-definition signals of high-definition televisions and high-definition set-top boxes, it was adopted by the ITU in January this year as the next-generation high-definition standard H.265, which will bring the high-definition road of Internet video Possible,

The H.265 standard is called High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC for short), and it has been greatly improved and optimized in code stream, coding quality, and algorithm. By providing more different tools to reduce the code rate, under the same bandwidth conditions Next, H.265 will improve the original image quality by 50%, leading the leap-forward development of online video from VCD to Blu-ray quality, bringing new changes to the online video industry.

At present, there are only two video sites that support H.265 Internet video, PPS and Thunder. Compared with PPS, the technology currently used by Thunder is not independently developed. For this reason, the relevant person in charge of PPS said: The biggest advantage of independent research and development of PPS lies in , PPS's excellent technical team can modify and optimize the new version at any time according to the user experience, so that users can experience the highest quality image quality and smoothness for the first time.

For users, the services and content of video websites are the best choice for users to choose a viewing platform. H.265 provides an important basis for the Internet high-definition video path. In the current environment where Internet growth is becoming saturated, PPS Can the high-definition road of video sites and so on drive the change and growth of the entire industry?

For this reason, some insiders said: The improvement of the high-definition video standard will change the Internet video industry from competing for copyright and traffic to competing for technology. The H.265 standard places higher requirements on the computing power and memory of computers. Large-scale promotion still requires certain conditions, but it is undoubtedly that the high-quality user experience in the video field will always rank first, and whoever can master the transmission standard of higher definition and lower bandwidth will win the most stable and extensive Internet users.

About the H.265 standard

H.265 is a new video coding standard formulated by ITU-TVCEG after H.264. The H.265 standard revolves around the existing video coding standard H.264, retaining some of the original technologies, while improving some related technologies. The new technology uses advanced technology to improve the relationship between code stream, encoding quality, delay and algorithm complexity to achieve the optimal setting. Specific research contents include: improving compression efficiency, improving robustness and error recovery capabilities, reducing real-time delay, reducing channel acquisition time and random access delay, and reducing complexity. H264 can achieve standard definition digital image transmission at a speed lower than 1Mbps due to algorithm optimization; H265 can achieve 720P (resolution 1280 * 720) ordinary high-definition audio and video transmission at a transmission speed of 1 ~ 2Mbps.

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