Molex subsidiary Polymicro Technologies offers a range of specialty optical fibers

Singapore – On June 24 , 2013, Polymicro Technologies, a subsidiary of Molex Corporation, a leading global supplier of complete interconnect products, now offers a range of Field-Beam-Protease-Inhibitor (FBPI) and Hollow Silica fiber products, which are ideal for spectroscopy applications. Robert Dauphinais, business development manager at Polymicro Technologies, said: “Many spectral applications require high-performance optical fibers for optical transmission over a wide spectral range. Unlike standard optical fibers that are limited by the transmission spectral range, Polymicro ’s proprietary optical fibers can transmit a wider range of Wavelengths, and has relative consistency across the entire wavelength range. "

The complete product line includes proprietary silica-based FBPI fiber for spectral applications and Hollow Silica Wavelength (HSW) fiber products for IR laser transmission.

FBPI fiber

Polymicro's silica-based FBPI fiber is optimized for NIR attenuation and UV protection. It has improved transmission characteristics in a wider spectral range and provides the industry's first panoramic spectrograph and sensor analysis. A range of 50-600 μm cores are available. The broad-spectrum FBPI fiber with a low-OH pure silica core has significantly reduced UV defects and other UV absorption center point content. In the near-infrared (NIR) wavelength region above 2100 nm, the attenuation of Polymicro FBPI fiber is equivalent to the standard NIR with a low-OH silica core and F-doped coating optical fiber. The anti-exposure performance of FBPI fiber is comparable to the standard UV-optimized high-OH fiber with high radiation resistance, and it has UV transmission performance as low as 200 nm.

Hollow Silica Wavelength (HSW) fiber

The robust and flexible Polymicro HSW fiber for CO2 laser transmission can be optimized for a range of applications in the IR region with a wavelength of 3-20 μm, including the replacement of high-cost in medical and dental laser applications, industrial cutting and laser printing and marking applications Cumbersome rigid articulated arm. To achieve a high laser power output of ≤100W, hollow structure silica can simplify terminal termination, reduce wear and provide strong cushioning in harsh environments. The geometry of the biocompatible optical fiber can be easily changed for component customization. Custom buffers are available. The HSW has removable and reusable Poly-Lok ™ connectors, ideal for prototyping. Please visit the Polymicro website for the HSW user guide: http: //

Both Molex and Polymicro production facilities have obtained ISO 9001, 13485, and 14001 certifications. To learn more about Polymicro solutions, please visit the company ’s website http: //? key = polymicro & channel = products & utm_source = prssorch & utm_medium = prrelease & utm_content = Polymicro + CLEO + 2013 & utm_campaign = ply. To receive information on Molex's other products and industry solutions, please subscribe to the Molex newsletter at the website.

About Molex Incorporated

In addition to connectors, Molex also provides complete interconnect solutions for many markets, ranging from data communications, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicles, aerospace and defense, medical and lighting. The company was founded in 1938 and has 41 production plants in 15 countries around the world. Molex website. Please follow us on Weibo, watch our video on Youku, and read our Chinese blog.

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